10 Tips for Avoiding Tree Service Scams

Clearwater tree service company hiring is something you should be aware of. You want to avoid falling for the traps. Here are ten ways to avoid falling for scams while havingtree work done.

You should make sure they have insurance

You want to ensure that your potential providers have the correct insurance for worker’s comp and liability. You should receive their insurance certificates directly from the insurance company. They may not be able to send you a valid certificate, or they could falsify it. You will be held responsible if the company is involved in an accident and doesn’t have proper insurance. You will be responsible for any injuries and repairs to the property.

Get in touch with the BBB

Verify that the company is accredited by the BBB. Although it may not be as strong as the previous accreditation, it will still indicate whether they are trustworthy. It is also important to find out what rating they have. They should be in good standing.


Do your research to find out what kind of reputation the service has in the community. Positive reviews will be found online for the right service. You can check to see if the company is a member of any reputable trade organizations. These include the ISA and the TCIA. What number of years have they been doing it? Do they have any complaints about discussion groups, forums, etc. If you need additional insurance, get references from the company. This is especially important if your project is expensive.

Low Prices: Be careful

You should not accept the price they have quoted you as a bargain. You may not get a great deal if they quote you a price that is too high. One reason they are quoting you a low price could be any of the following:

  • No experience
  • There are no insurance or certifications.
  • They will only do a small portion of your projects.

Be aware of high prices

Be wary of anyone who quotes you too high. For something simple like removing a small tree from your land, you don’t want it to cost a lot.

Get More Than One Estimate

A few estimates can help you determine if the price is right or wrong. Consult with three companies to get an idea of the cost. You should get a clear idea of the cost by comparing these estimates. You should meet the representatives in person if you are able. This will help you judge the professionalism and competence of the company. This will allow you to ask questions and find out the details.

Compare Apples and Apples

You want to compare the estimates when you’re comparing them. You should consider whether one service offers additional benefits. One company might take down the tree, while another takes it apart. Although it will be easier to remove the entire tree in one piece, it can cause more damage to your property. It will cause less damage to your property if the tree is broken down into smaller pieces. However, this will require more time and effort. This is also a great place to compare the knowledge, professionalism, presentation, and service of a service. Don’t forget to consider more than the price. Listening to your gut should help you decide if the company is right for you.

Do not fall for door-to-door contractors

Do not do business with anyone who goes door-to-door, especially when you’re hiring them for a large project such as tree removal. This is something that the BBB and a lot of DA’s warn against. Contractors who travel door to door and prey on seniors, especially, are called “door-to-door” contractors. You can avoid falling for a scam if you say you won’t work with such people. You don’t want work on trees that you don’t think about. You should consider many variables before you make a decision.

After disasters, be cautious

You want to make sure you’re careful after a disaster. Con artists are often found in this situation. This could be the reason you need to hire one of those door-to-door workers we warned about. It’s possible to hire a passer-by if you have a tree on top of your house. You should be careful and ensure that they aren’t charging too much. Many companies charge very high fees for tree removal after hurricanes or ice storms. Also, ensure that the company has the appropriate insurance and certifications.

Only pay when you are satisfied

Once you’ve chosen the tree service you like, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to pay anything until you are completely satisfied with the work. Many homeowners paid upfront for the work they wanted, but didn’t hear back from their contractor. Some less-reputable companies will ask for money to start the project, pay their workers and then vanish. Companies that remove stumps are particularly vulnerable to this. The company will have removed the tree and asked for payment. After that, they will promise to come back so they can remove the stump. Once they receive the payment, they won’t return. You should not pay anything until the payment is made and you are satisfied. They have your money if you pay upfront. There is no reason for them to return it.

These are the ten ways you can avoid falling for tree service scams. These tips will help you locate the right company to get the job done.

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