3 “Concrete” Design Strategies for Your Home Makeover! 


With more people staying indoors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, home makeovers are trending more than ever! Design trends are picking up quickly and this includes the use of grind and seal concrete, polished concrete and even exposed concrete. GM Insights indicate that the decorative concrete market is projected to grow by 6 percent to USD 23.8 billion by 2026. In 2018, market size was close to USD 15 billion. ‘Decorative concrete’ is an umbrella term for the various ways concrete is used in architecture and construction. Polished concrete in particular is predicted to gain “substantial growth” in the coming years due to its “imitable premium appearance” as indicated by the report. With home renovations and new house constructions gaining considerable momentum, concrete polishing in Sydney is riding the waves to stardom. Now is the perfect time to incorporate concrete in your upcoming house project!

Build that patio pathway

When it comes to any house, it is true that first impressions do last. And the first thing that people see in any property is the patio or your front lawn. If it is poorly maintained, neighbors will think poorly of the home owner as well. This is the part of your house that says “Welcome!” That is why people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do landscaping work. Part of that is to carve out a beautiful patio path! An aged cobblestone path or a flagstone design will work perfectly for any rustic and green home. And the best way to do it is through the application of concrete stencils. You can achieve a flawless stone pattern design without the painstaking work of using actual stones to build your path. 

Make your floor shine 24/7

Investing in good flooring is wise but investing in impeccable flooring is divine. House floors say a lot about the home owner’s taste as it occupies the biggest space in the house. If a floor looks old and shabby, or has a lot of chipped corners or cracks, then obviously, the house is not well-maintained. It is more difficult for those with wooden floorboards or vinyl tiles as these can age quickly if not maintained often. A better and more effective alternative is to use grind and seal concrete which is not only water proof but also resistant to damage like chipping and cracking. It also stays polished for a couple of years with very low maintenance work to keep it spick and span!

Swap those tiles

Ceramic tiles are perhaps the most commonly used type of flooring in every bathroom or kitchen. But despite being waterproof and classic, ceramic tiles can be fragile too. It can chip off easily and in bathrooms, mold and mildew can develop in the crevices. Sure they’re pretty too but you have to maintain it often so it stays mold-free and sparkly clean. Tiles can also look quite dated in more modern homes so the better option is to try honed concrete. These works well for kitchens and toilets because it is more durable than ceramic tiles. It’s also waterproof due to a coating or chemical applied to grind and seal concrete.