3 Most common problems of central heating systems


Central heating systems and boilers are unavoidable items in many modern homes. You cannot maintain a good temperature in your house in the middle of frigid winter without a heating system or boiler. So, most European homes are equipped with a boiler or central heating system. But maintaining it in good condition and find and rectify faults with heating system can be a tough task for many people. If you find any difficulty with your central heating system, you can seek help from efficient plumbers in your area.

 Benefits of using central heating system

You can find plenty of benefits by installing a central heating system in your house. Many people living in cold climates prefer a central heating system to warm their houses and get hot water as it is effective and energy-efficient. It uses either a boiler or furnace for producing the required heat for the central heating system and distributes it to the house to make the areas warm. A great feature of this system is that it is highly efficient and environment-friendly.

Common problems with central heating systems

Although central heating systems and boilers provide many benefits, they are not free from malfunctions and faults. You will find it a frustrating situation if something goes wrong with these appliances. Get an idea about some of the common issues related to central heating systems are:

  • Not working of the thermostat controls

It is a common issue for a central heating system. There are different reasons for not working your thermostat controls. You might forget to switch on it. Setting it between 170C and 200C is the ideal temperature range for your central heating system. If it is not working, check the electricity supply to the system. Sometimes, its heating fuse can be blown.

If you feel its heating fuse is in good condition, check the motorized diverter valve. The thermostat control cannot work if its pump is defective because of mechanical failure and blockage or trapped air.  With the help of a good plumber, you can find out the exact reason for your thermostat control problem and fix accordingly.

  • Warm radiator at its bottom

It is another common problem with the central heating system, and you can fix it by placing an empty bucket at the bottom corner of its radiator. Bleed your radiator with the help of a radiator key, and it is available in any local hardware store.

  • Build-up of mold in the heating system

Mold can happen in the central heating system when sludge build-up inside the radiator. You can solve this problem by flushing it out. Dismantle the radiator from the wall and use running water to flush it.

Finding faults with your central heating system and rectify them properly can be a daunting task for many homeowners. They cannot maintain a good temperature during frigid winter without a central heating system. If you find any fault in your heating system, you cannot resolve it on your own. In such a situation, you can seek help from an experienced gas engineer because he can check the entire system and find faults. You can find efficient plumbers to solve your problems related to the central heating system with Transgas Services.