4 Designer Cushion Shopping Tips


If you wanted to give your living room a facelift without breaking the bank, what would you do? Install a new wallpaper, maybe a fresh coat, or move the furniture around; they are all practical solution, but one that skips most people’s mind, and among the most effective way, is changing the cushions. Most sofas come with matching cushions, meaning that you are unfortunately stuck with a block of monotonous colors. With a set of designer cushions, you can add color, style, and coziness to your living room, an inexpensive and practical way to upgrade your living room. While designer cushions can transform your room, you need a checklist to ensure that you choose the best from the extensive collection as you hit the market. Here are a few considerations to include in your checklist as you hit the market.

The fabric

While shopping for designer cushions, the fabric is among the first and most essential considerations. Among the best fabrics includes wool, linen, fur, and velvet. The options are a go-to as they provide a great texture. They are also sturdy, meaning that you can enjoy the designer cushions for an extended period.


Considering the designer cushions’ colors might not initially seem like a significant consideration. However, picking the wrong colors could make the cushions look out of place and affect your living room’s striking looks. Considering your room’s colors, and settling for an option that complements the rest of your set up ensures that the space looks coordinated. From the curtains, rugs, artwork, among other considerations, carefully check the pattern to ensure that you go for designer cushions with a shade that seamlessly blends with the rest of the living room.

Size and shape

Is your couch large-scale? Small cushions could get lost in such a couch, serving little to no purpose. While shopping for the best designer cushions, you need to check your couch’s size and choose a proportional option. Big cushions on a smaller couch would take up more space and stick out like a sore thumb. The shape also matters, and as you strive to create an interesting display, you can play with different shapes.

Zone in the number

How many cushions would work well in your setup? As you zone in the number, consider your living room set up. For instance, for traditional setup, even numbers work well as you can maintain that symmetrical display. In modern setups, odd numbers offer that electric look. While picking the number, keep the size in mind as well. For instance, with a bigger three-seater couch, five designer cushions would be a good idea, while three cushions would best suit a two-seater. The number depends on the size of the cushions as well, with the aim being to make the couch comfy and not too crowded.

With the above pointers, buying those perfect designer cushions won’t be that challenging. Don’t be afraid to experiment with print and patterns and varying arrangements to capture that unique and elegant display.