4 Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home’s Value


    Almost everyone wants their home to look more luxurious and beautifully decorated, but not everyone has the money to create their “dream home.” You can increase your home’s value by improving its interior design, and you don’t have to spend a lot to do it. Even if you have a small budget, you can create a home that looks as if it came straight out of a magazine. In fact, the best interior designers will say that your home’s interior doesn’t have to be a direct reflection of your budget.

    Here are some cost-effective interior design tips that will improve your home’s value.

    #1: Declutter Your Space

    Whether it’s a home office that uses Safco products or a living room in which you can relax, cleaning and organizing is the first step. There are always things lying around that you can throw away, sell, or store somewhere else. Go through every part of your home, and get rid of anything you think the room doesn’t need — whether it’s scattered coins, posters, or old pieces of furniture. Don’t be afraid to be a little creative by building your own storage space. Minimize the clutter as much as possible before you think about what you can or can’t afford, and remember that keeping unnecessary items will only get in the way of creating a comfortable and luxurious space.

    #2: Reuse and Refresh What You Already Have

    If your home feels stagnant, you can bring new life into the layout by reusing what you already have. Go through every room, and think about how you can repurpose, reimagine, or refinish what you already have. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to one room. What you have in one area might work somewhere else. It’s easy to overlook pieces of furniture, so don’t be afraid to try some new layouts and configurations.

    You may also feel like some of your furniture pieces may look outdated and unattractive. While it may be tempting to buy that new sectional sofa for your living room or a set of Safco products for your home office, it might not be a wise investment if you’re on a tight budget. If this is the case, think about customizing what you already have. You can repaint that dull-looking coffee table, which could add some color to the room. You can sand off your dining table and refinish it to give it a more rustic look. You could even turn those plain couch pillows into stylish accents by adding some iron-on embroidery.

    #3: Repaint Your Rooms

    Repainting your walls is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring new life into an interior design. You can purchase a can of paint for about $30, which is a fraction of what you would spend on new products. According to various studies, the average cost to furnish a one-bedroom apartment is $8,176. So, you can only imagine how much it would cost to furnish a larger apartment or home. Painting a 10×12 square foot room can cost between $200 and $800 (not including ceilings, trim, or the paint). But if you do it yourself, it can be reduced to $100-$300.

    #4: Be Resourceful

    We live in a fast-paced, innovative, and technology-driven culture. So, you’re sure to find a variety of affordable interior design solutions that can boost your home’s value. Homeowners can spend anywhere from $1,890 to $10,726 on interior design and decorating services (with the average cost of materials and labor being over $6,100), which is too much of a cost for most people. Whether its a home office that uses Safco products or a living room that needs to be redesigned, get a feel for the space. And be sure to look around so you can find something perfect.

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