4 Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design Tips for Your Renovation Project


If you’re planning to have a kid soon, or you already have them, home renovation should be on your mind to accommodate the newest member of your family in your existing place. While an extra bedroom is an obvious need for the kids to have a gala time, you shouldn’t forget remodelling your kitchen to help them spend some time with you there. In this post, we are going to discuss a few kid-friendly kitchen renovation ideas to make your home a happier place to dwell in.

Easy-to-access pantry

Create an easy-to-access pantry area for your kids to appease their endless hunger. As most healthy habits start at a young age, you shouldn’t give them a chance to grow a habit of munching cakes and devouring fast food items at every hour. Keep fresh fruits and cereals in stock and let your children get to those without much hassle.

Rounded edges of countertops

While replacing the countertop in your kitchen, make sure you ask the professionals to cut off the sharp edges so that your kids don’t get hurt, if they bump their heads into them. Opt for round-edged slabs for your kitchen countertops, if you have to choose, to prevent accidents. Also, make sure the material is stain-proof, as little kids tend to spill a lot while eating/drinking.

Lower the height of your countertop

One more important thing to consider is the height of your kitchen countertop, which should be made accessible to your toddlers. If they wish to do their homework in the kitchen, while you prepare supper, you should also arrange for kid-friendly furniture like little chairs, which can be set against the lowered countertop.

Put up a whiteboard

Doodling can be a good habit for kids, and most of them love to scribble. You should put up a whiteboard in the kitchen, on which they can scribble as much as they like, leave small notes for you and help you keep a track of their growth by measuring the height of those scribbles. If you can dedicate an entire wall for the whiteboard, well and good, but even if you can’t make sure it has enough space for your kids to scribble on.

Wrapping it up

Need to make any other kid-friendly kitchen design changes? Get in touch with the remodelling experts at Renovco for kitchen renovation ideas that are easy on your pockets. Ranging from wallpapers to shelves and kitchen countertops, you can make a series of changes to your traditional kitchen and make it more appealing to your kids. If you have any idea, feel free to share it with the experts and turn your fantasies into reality.