4 Style Tips For Decorating Your Sideboard Cabinet From Singapore


The sideboard cabinet of a Singapore home is more than just a furniture piece designed for storing dinner and cookware. Its lengthy surface also provides homeowners with space to elevate the look and feel of their humble abode. It also comes in different styles to match the householder’s preferred interior design.

But before heading to a luxury furniture store in Singapore to get yourself a sideboard cabinet, you must first learn how to style it and match its appearance with the aesthetics of your home. Scroll through to learn a few design tips to help you decorate your sideboard cabinet:

Choose A Colour Palette

Like purchasing any furniture piece, think about the colour of your sideboard cabinet before taking it home. If you plan to place it in your dining area, see if it matches the other design elements of the room—including the console table in your Singapore house.

Exercise Symmetry

Whether styling a sideboard or a coffee table from Singapore, always observe symmetry when decorating surfaces. Doing so will help you create a visually-appealing design feature in your dwelling that naturally flows with your interiors and pleases the eye of your guests.

Theme Your Knick-Knacks

You could place picture frames, vases, and figurines on your sideboard cabinet, but make sure those pieces match. They could complement each other’s looks or match their shape and colour. If you are unsure if your chosen knick-knacks will work together, you could look for design inspirations online.

Combine Style With Practicality

Aside from keeping dinnerware on your sideboard, you could also use its surface to store vibrant pots or funky glasses. You could even treat it as a bar cabinet in your Singapore dining area and place liquor bottles above it.

Now that you know how to style a sideboard cabinet, you are finally ready to shop for one at Snow Globe! Visit their website to choose from their selection of sideboards that would make your home more stylish and functional.