4 Tips for Modern Kitchen Décor

If you’re redecorating your kitchen and hoping to achieve a sleek and modern style, you might be wondering what elements will help to give you a look you’re going for. Will wood cabinets look outdated? Are tile backsplashes passé? Keep reading to learn a few tips for decorating your kitchen in a modern style.

Go Bright and Light

Modern kitchen décor today is typically bright and white throughout most of the space. White cabinets and pale countertops (in a very light beige or gray) are key features in a modern kitchen. It gives the room a fresh, clean look. But if you’re worried about the white showing dirt and grime too quickly, you can opt for a pale gray instead; if you go this route, make sure the area of your countertop is slightly darker gray to keep it from being too monochromatic.

Add Grounding Colors

Of course, something completely white can be a bit harsh on the eyes. You need a few pops of darker, grounding colors throughout the space to help it from feeling too overwhelmingly white. It might include dark wood for the island, a dark range hood, a backsplash in a deep blue, or another rich tone. These few elements can give the rest of the bright kitchen a feeling of solidity that it would otherwise be lacking.

Consider Your Backsplash

Speaking of backsplashes, very carefully consider the kind of backsplash you want. Traditional tile backsplashes can work quite well, as long as they’re in the right colors. A mix of gray and black tiles is one excellent option for a neutral-toned kitchen, or, as mentioned above, you could consider other deep tones. Another option you might consider is extending your countertop up the wall to create a seamless backsplash that blends with your counters. It creates a sleek, minimalist look that is perfectly modern in every way.

Metallic Elements

Metallic elements add depth and visual interest to your design and are key in modern kitchen décor. Depending on the exact tones of your kitchen, there are a variety of metals you can choose from, including chrome, nickel, bronze, and stainless steel.

You can incorporate these metals in your kitchen’s cabinet and drawers knobs, decorative outlet covers, and other decorative elements. Make sure that any metallic details you add to your kitchen coordinate with one another and with the other fixtures in your kitchen—plumbing fixtures, appliances, barstools, dining tables and chairs, and so on. This consistency can put a perfect finishing touch on your modern kitchen that ties everything together.