5 Absolute Must-Do Garage Renovation Projects


It’s the junk space of the home. The garage not only houses the car, but it also takes on the tools, chemicals and other outdoor paraphernalia. Basically, if it doesn’t work in the home, it’s sitting somewhere out there. Because of that, the space can soon become overloaded and cluttered with boxes piled on top of each other, creating quite the obstacle course. Not only can this become stressful and overwhelming, but it’s unsightly and embarrassing. Don’t let that happen. Instead, improve it by tackling the following four projects. After all, with better flow and simple structure, you might just find yourself spending a bit more time outdoors.

  1. Add Organizers

If your space is cluttered, consider improving garage storage, lifting a lot of your items off the ground and putting them in their own designated place. Overhang shelves are easily installed and hold a great deal of weight, making them ideal for large totes and boxes. In addition, hooks can be attached allowing for sporting and lawn equipment to become easily seen and accessed. Now, you may not have to hunt anything down or trip over everything.

  1. Improve the Floors

If that concrete is showing its age, cover it up. After all, it endures stains and wear and tear from the vehicle entering it day in and day out. Research several options, determining what fits your daily needs and aesthetic interests. Epoxy, for instance, is a common favorite. A durable substance, it covers up a lot of the blemishes, offers a nice coloring and is often affordable. Vinyl, stone and rubber are also options, many of which rely on less frequent use of the location.

  1. Repair the Garage Door

Is something a bit squeaky? Do you find that it’s simply harder to open it now than during the initial build? Contact a specialist to inspect and correct any problems, allowing for a smoother opening. It’s one less hassle to worry about.

  1. Put in Ventilation

Many people now use this spot as a workout zone or for household projects. During spring and fall that could be quite nice with a cool breeze coming in; however, during summer and winter, it could be uncomfortable, either too hot and muggy or simply too cold. Exercise should make you sweat, not the environment. Connect the room to your air handler so you can monitor the temperature at your leisure. Lift weights longer, or finish up on your latest renovation project.

  1. Create an Exit

Not all garages came with a side door, yet this can prove quite useful. It is a nice access point to come and go; plus, you could then place the trash and recycling outside with the ability to deposit bags and materials quickly and efficiently. If you have kids, this is certainly an option for an additional entry point. Purchase a hideaway key, and they now have access to the residence.

Don’t underrate the value of your garage. It’s not just a holding spot for your car and decorations. If you tackle the right projects, it could be an ideal area for relaxation and work.