5 Benefits of using a Professional Handyman


Sandhya is the administrative head of an MNC, managing 25 offices across the country. She is responsible for smooth running all the offices. Sandhya also coordinates with the service team to provide them with local handyman professionals, which act as an extension of the brand team and help with maintenance and warranty of their products.

Sandhya needs to ensure all her office locations get local handyman professionals for various office maintenance jobs. A few problems that she used to face were:

  • Inconsistent Service

The local handyman professionals used different tools, the level of service was different for each professional. Often the service has to be extended for consumer-facing operations or at the consumer premise. Such aberrations leave an adverse impression of the brand.

  • Messed Up Accounting

The local handyman professionals mostly prefer cash, and invoices are hard to arrange. Sandhya had to provide an advance for handyman work across her office locations.

  • Transparency 

Working with local handyman professionals does not provide any transparency to make decisions easy.

Sandhya switched to professional handyman services and overcome these problems. Here are the five benefits she experience.

  • Verified Handyman Professionals

Leading professional handyman services like Easy Fix provide verified handyman professionals. These professionals are selected based on their skills, work ratings and undergo police background verification. The verification process ensures only the right professionals are engaged in providing services. Easy Fix being India’s leading professional handyman services provider, ensures only verified handyman professionals get recruited.

  • Standard Service Offerings

Using a leading professional handyman service platform as Easy Fix ensures that companies get standard service offerings across all office locations. These professional handyman services also become an extension of the brand’s service team, providing consistent brand experience to all its customers irrespective of their location and type of handyman work.

  • Transparent Accounting

Unlike local handyman professionals, professional handyman services platforms like Easy Fix provide transparent accounting processes. The brand and Admin team can raise requests under the annual maintenance agreement with Easy Fix. The entire accounting process is seamless as per the mutual agreement between the brand and the provider of professional handyman services.

  • Easy Decision Making

The leading platform for professional handyman services like Easy Fix help in easy decision making for the brand and admin teams. Corporate teams get access to granular report on each order. They also get access to dashboards and alerts to identify the patterns and improve. 

  • Single Platform 

Easy Fix is India’s leading provider of professional handyman services, bringing verified local handyman professionals, brands, customer service and technology tools on a single platform. The brand team and admin managers across the country can place a job request using the online platform or mobile app. Easy Fix uses machine learning to identify the best fit local professional handyman professionals and assigns on the job. The handyman professional gets updates on their mobile app to attend the call and update the status on the go. The Easy Fix customer care gathers feedback from the brand team or the end consumer. This feedback helps in creating training programs, audits and continuous improvement processes.

Thus using a leading handyman platform like Easy Fix can help brands focus on their core business by ensuring handyman jobs are taken care of by the best handyman professionals in the industry. Brands can use the professional handyman services, as an extension, to their service team and offer a consistent experience to their consumers and other stakeholders.

Do you have multiple offices across the country or provide service for products to your consumers? Easy Fix offers India’s leading platform to avail professional handyman services.