5 Best Tips to Buy an Air-Conditioner


In today’s era, the temperature of summer has been very uncomfortable and intolerable in many countries. But like a blessing of science, we invented AC. And in this competitive market, many companies offer it at Cheap Air-Conditioning Price (แอร์ ราคาถูก, which is the term in Thai).

An AC or air conditioner is an electronic machine using which we can control the temperature of our rooms, offices, etc. But before buying one, you must have a basic idea about that.

Working Mechanism and Types of AC

An AC absorbs the existing heat of an entire room and lowers the temperature to the desired level. There is a chemical substance placed in the AC which is vaporized after absorbing the heat.

There are three types of ACs depending on the place of compressor and blower such as Split AC, Window AC, and Portable AC.

Top 5 Tips to Purchase an AC at Cheap Air-Conditioning Price

As mentioned above, there are many varieties of air conditioners. So before buying them, you must consider some facts.

The top 5 tips to buy an AC are briefly discussed below:

  • Energy Efficient, Less Electricity Bill: 

Fridge, Refrigerator, AC is the heavy electricity using machines. As a result, it increases the electric bill. So, you must go for such AC which consumes less electricity. While buying you will see a star rating between 1 to 5. The more the star rating, the lower the power consumption level is.

  • Capacity and Size: 

This is a very vital point of consideration. According to the area of your room, you should choose your AC. Their difference lies in the weight such as 1ton, 1.5ton, etc.

  • Don’t Get Be fooled by Features: 

Companies will always try to befool you by showing excess features and the expensive models. So, do not blindly believe them. You may ask them about performance longevity, refrigerant quality, etc.

  • Noise Factor: 

It is seen that the Window AC gives a light noise which may be a disturbing factor. You must consult it with the dealer before buying it.

  • Reviews: 

An AC is not as simple inside as it looks from outside. There are many technical aspects which become reasons for worry after some years of purchase. So, always look for AC with better customer services, great reliability of the company with zero or least negative feedback.

We hope that the above 5 tips will be helpful for you to purchase an AC with Cheap Air-Conditioning Price.