5 common signs of roof damage


If your roof is about 10 years old, it will be best to have it examined once every year by an experienced roofing company. This will help to detect any damage to the roof early and you can get it fixed at an affordable rate. However, if your roof is damaged, some telltale signs will let you know. Here are 5 common signs of roof damage:

1. Water Damage

As soon as your roof gets damaged, it will unavoidably leak water into the attic, ceiling, and walls. When you see water stains on ceilings and walls, know that your roof is damaged already. Water spots on the attic’s rafters or along the siding outside the house are another sign of leaks. Water leaks, if not fixed early, can cause the roof structure or infrastructure to rot and cause mold, fungi, and moss to grow.

2. Rotten Fascia and Soffits

Another sign to discover roof damage in a home is to check the home’s fascia and soffits. If the wood around the fascia or the fascia itself becomes cracked, decayed, rotten, or missing, a thorough check will discover roof damage. Although the problem may be caused by the gutter drainage, do not take chances, contact a reputable roofing company immediately to inspect your roof.

3. Shingles Damage

When your roof shingles become curled, cracked, or missing, your roof needs urgent attention. Besides, when your roof gutters become clogged by shingle granules, that is never a good sign – it shows that your roof is damaged. The earlier you call a roofing company, the better for your roof and the cost of repairs.

4. Mold and Moss

Check your ceilings, walls, fascia, and attic for black patches – the patches are signs that there is mold, mildew, and moss growth. Mold and Moss in your can cause a respiratory issue. Other types of allergic reactions can result from mold growth in your home. Because of the above, hiring an experienced roofing company will help detect other areas in the home, that experienced water damage and subsequent hazardous mold growth.

5. Roof Sagging

A drooping or sagging roof is undoubtedly damaged. This is a structural defect caused by a damaged framework or rot, which makes the roof sag or droop. If left for a long time, the roof damage will worsen and the costs of repair will increase.


The above are the five common signs of roof damage. So, contact a roofing company to fix your damaged roof or get a quotation for roof replacement.