5 Different Kinds of Awnings that People Love


To get started, you’ll need to know what to look for in an awning, otherwise known as metal roofing in Singapore, even if you already know what kind you want. Most awning companies classify the various types of awnings similarly. To learn more about the various kinds of awnings, continue reading.

Vertical Awnings

Window blinds with a vertical and retractable awning from Singapore have been called “state-of-the-art.” It’s common to install these outside the window, but they can be installed inside as well using retractable awning technology coupled with weatherproof awning fabric.

A drop-arm design, which allows for the perfect angle of shading, is available for some models.

Awnings for Conservatories.

Conservatory awnings have a unique framework attached to the roof of the building. While external designs cover the glass, internal designs provide shade from within. Awning fabrics of the highest quality can withstand all weather conditions, allowing them to block the sun’s rays before they reach the glass. As per an awning contractor from Singapore, this allows for better temperature control, and both types can be operated remotely.

Freestanding Awnings

Before going to your awning supplier in Singapore, know that these designs don’t require any wall mounting, as their name implies. Patio awnings can be attached to them using a freestanding structural framework. Freestanding awnings are famous in open areas, such as restaurants, poolside areas, and lawns, because of their extra-sturdy construction.

Awnings for the Patio

Awnings most commonly conjure images of patio awnings mounted on a wall. Additionally, wall-mounted awnings cover a smoking or sitting area. So be sure to know the basic features of this type of awning before you contact the roofing contractors company in Singapore

Pergola Awnings

Wall-mounted pergola awnings, like patio awnings, have a fixed frame design that remains in place when the awning is retracted. Having additional front support posts provides them with more stability.

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