5 Different Types Of Railing Ideas To Give A Modern Look To Your Stairs


A flawlessly planned custom flight of staircase is not finished without installing an aesthetic handrail framework. In reality, it is the custom railings that take the step framework to another level. A railing can potentially convert a mundane staircase into a modern, safe, cozy, and comfortable enclosure. This article will help the homeowners choose between the best railing ideas matching the needs and requirements of the house.

  • Iron stair railing

Irrefutable and well known, the iron stair railings are appropriate for straight as well as bent stairs and overhangs. One of the most important benefits of the iron stair railings is that it offers flexibility. From spotless present-day styles to expand Tuscan parchments, the iron staircase railings address the space issues and are an excellent fit for the modern house.

  • Steel stair railing

One of the most common custom railings, the steel railing, is durable and expected to last the distance. The steel railings are extremely customizable and can be clubbed with other materials to create a clean and polished look. Best suited for indoor applications such as stairs, the steel railings are known to match the modern interior perfectly.

  • Cable railing system

Next is the turn of the famous step railing plan choice, i.e., cable railings. Additionally, flaunting clean lines and a smooth look, cable railing designs are opted to upgrade the staircase or overhang. The quality and toughness of able railings make it an ideal fit for assorted types of activities like inside and outside flights of stairs.

  • Aluminum stair railing

Just like steel railings, aluminum railings are strong and durable and thus, can be used to create a very safe environment in the house. Aluminum is strong enough to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and requires very little maintenance. Now that aluminum is much lighter than steel, it is easy to install aluminum railing in different types of houses.

  • Wrought iron stair railing

One of the main advantages that are provided by the wrought iron railings is that they are versatile. Now that wrought iron is malleable, the same can be used to achieve an endless array of looks- from sleek modern style to elaborated leaves or scrolls. Because of the strength of wrought iron, the railings made from such material provide stability and strength to the staircases. Also, wrought iron railings can be powder coated in different colors giving an aesthetic look to the house.


Staircase railings provide security to the people using the staircase and also help prevent accidents and falls. With the railing matching the staircase, the appearance of the same can be completely transformed, and different aesthetics can be created, further boosting the house’s value. Apart from the above-listed custom railings, a homeowner can also opt for installing wooden railings, glass railings, multi-line railings, picket railings, and more to enhance the appearance of the staircase.