5 Photogenic Interiors To Create With A White Platner Chair


The Platner Chair is absolutely stylish. It’s bold, unique design is made even more iconic by the white upholstery. If you’re searching for an elegant and understated way to make a statement in your interior designs, then you can use a white Platner chair reproduction to your advantage. There are a number of settings that you can achieve with just this type of a chair, and if you’re searching for some ideas, then below are a few that we’ve compiled just for you:

  1. The rustic dining table


This gorgeous dining room layout only looks amazing thanks to the use of the white Platner Chairs. The contrast of the dark finish of the wire structure provides great opportunity to mix up the rest of the ambiance with other distressed textures. The natural color scheme is accentuated with gold statement pieces. The overall combination is such a treat for the eyes – perfectly sophisticated and chic with a side dose of artfully shabby.

  1. Freestanding sitting alcove


The Platner Chair looks quite stunning on its own, so you can easily create a beautiful nook out of it. A white colored Platner Chair with its contrasting frame will make a beautiful freestanding object in an alcove. You can pair it with a tall floor lamp and some beautiful nesting tables. A few gold tinted accessories would make the setting all the more meaningful. If you want, you can always bring in some textural contrast with a gorgeous area rug or a throw.

  1. Double the love


You can design a highly elegant alcove with a pair of white-upholstered Platner Chair. It can be an accentuation to an extra large living room. Or it could be a simple alcove in a den or a living room. You can take the example of the setting featured in this image. The understated beauty of the upholstery couples well with the gilded frame, nesting tables, and neutral hued walls.s

  1. The best accentuation


A white Platner Chair, despite being quite understated in visuals, is one of the most interesting accent piece that you’ll ever come across. It can complement both high-contrast as well as elegant and earthy hued interior design style equally well. You can inspire yourself by looking at this living room interior design. It’s black-and-white color scheme exudes sheer elegance, and it’s also highly easy to imitate in your own home interiors. You’ll love the end results if you do it right.

  1. A stylish dining nook


A white Platner Chair can be used to evoke stunning contrast in an interior design – just like in this image. The black-and-grey of the dining bench looks quite amazing in contrast with the white upholstered chairs. Even the frame of the chairs goes well with the rest of the ambiance. The whole design looks like a match made in heaven. The whole design is visually pleasing and uses its color scheme to the fullest. To make things even more interesting, pastel green and yellow cushions are placed along the bench to ramp up the contrast.

These are some great ways to feature a white Platner Chair in your interior design. It’s a highly versatile furniture piece which can complement any space quite wonderfully.