Home Cleaning 5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Home


It is a known fact that our houses are full of harmful chemicals. Moreover, you will often come across diseases called the toxic home syndrome as an effect of the same. Health experts link more severe illnesses, like reproductive and auto-immune diseases, with indoor environmental conditions. However, there is a lot of awareness about the issue today. You will find homeowners looking for substances that will not poison the air.

Most of you would have already learned to give your body detox, but home detox is catching up, as well. Most of us tolerate chemicals in our surroundings in small quantities. However, the problem gets magnified when it happens continuously. Home insulation is one factor that traps stale air inside the house and does not let fresh air enter the lungs. There are many such possibilities that you will come across in your safe home.

Today, you will come across a few simple ways to detox your home.

Using Natural Cleaning Products

You can do a lot for yourself and the planet by incorporating in-home care cleaning products. Most of you may be more accustomed to using chemical-based cleaners to give an instant makeover to the space. These chemicals are often linked to asthma, skin irritation, and eczema. More than a quarter of children and teenagers suffer from skin allergies due to continuous exposure to chemical cleaning agents. You will find chlorine as the most common compound used to sanitize pools and drinking water. It can lead to shortness of breath and coughing. Other chemical cleaning agents used in the house include triclosan and nanosilver.

You should throw away such chemical cleaning agents and replace them with green cleaners. It is essential to read the ingredients label while buying such cleaners. Choose unscented ones, as they do not irritate the senses. Plant-based cleaning agents often contain essential oils, fragrance oils, and liquids devoid of phosphates, chlorine and are mostly organically grown. This should solve your problem with air quality, as these do not give off harmful irritants.

Replacing Your Filters Regularly

You should clean or replace the filters in your heating and air conditioning system regularly to keep the unit running smoothly with minimal energy consumption. When the filters get clogged with dirt, the system has to work very hard. It also affects the longevity of the equipment. A dirty filter also allows dust particles, dander, and pollen to circulate inside the house. When you breathe this stale air, it leads to respiratory disorders and allergies. A clean air filter will efficiently trap the dirt and keep you and your family safe. It depends on your usage patterns to decide when to change the filters. But if you are regularly using it, a monthly change would be sufficient.

Careful Handling of Home insulation

Home insulation is quite common in homes. It is one of the most critical facets of construction, as it affects your home’s temperature. Contractors use several home insulation materials, like wool, cellulose, and foam. You have to handle these safely and adequately, as they can lead to adverse health effects. Some of the most common issues are irritation, itching, and rashes. You may also have a relapse of asthmatic conditions due to prolonged exposure. The main problem with insulation is that it traps stale air inside the house.

Due to energy conservation utilities, it may not be possible to switch to a different modality. However, you should ensure to let in the fresh air and the sun’s rays from time to time so that the rooms can release the stale air trapped inside. Recycling the air can alleviate a lot of your problems.

Removing Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting has lots of advantages. It is soft to touch and adds aesthetic value to your home. Also, it can guard you against falls with less risk of injury. However, these are prone to trapping dust and mites. It is even worse for the indoor air. If your carpeting is old and you see a need for replacement, use hardwood or linoleum tiles. You can also utilize wool for carpeting. It is as per green building standards. Carpets and hardwood flooring costs are similar, so you can get rugs instead on the floor to give you the feeling of warmth. The best part about them is that you can wash them regularly.

Removing Plastic

Plastic is linked to cancer and other diseases, so you must stay away from it. You should avoid plastic food packaging and refrain from plastic heating containers containing food in microwaves. Choose baby feeding bottles that have BPA-free marked on them. Eliminate the use of plastic water bottles, and replace them with water filers. Most types of plastic are made from natural gas and oil. They release toxins into the air that remain invisible.

These are just a few ways to detox your home—there are plenty of others you can think of. Make small changes and reap the rewards. Go green and be thoughtful while making changes to your surroundings.

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