5 Unique Designs of Candles & Incense Holders You Can Buy



If you’re looking to improve your décor, why not try using candles and incense holders? They come in all sizes and can add a touch of personality to any room. The global candle holder market size was around $614.76 million in 2021.

This blog will look at five unique designer candles and incense holders that you can buy online. So if you’re searching for something modern or traditional, we’ve covered you.

  1. The Cauldron

Candles and incense have been used in magic and ritual for centuries. The Cauldron is a unique candle holder that can hold multiple candles or an incense stick. It is significant for those who love to create a magical atmosphere in their home.

This unique holder is made of cast iron and has a black finish. It measures 11 centimetres in diameter and is 13 centimetres high.

If you are looking for a unique candle holder that can hold multiple candles or an incense stick, the Cauldron is perfect. The reviews, price, and shipping times are factors to check out.

  1. The Tree of Life

This uniquely shaped candle holder looks like a tree with branches reaching out to hold your candles. It’s a beautiful and serene design that would look great in any room.

This design is perfect if you’re looking for something more unique than the traditional candle holder.

Some benefits of buying this tree-shaped candle holder include:

-The branches can hold multiple candles at once

-It’s a beautiful and unique design

-It’s perfect for any room in your home

  1. The Dragon

When it comes to mythical creatures, few are as popular as dragons. These designer candle holders are the perfect way to add a little bit of magic to your home. The holder is made from cold cast resin and has been hand-painted to give it a realistic look.

If you’re looking for something more fun, this Dragon Incense Holder is perfect. The holder is made from polymer clay and has been hand-painted to give it a bright and colourful look.

This candle holder works best when used with tealight candles. Tealight candles are small, round candles that are self-contained. They come in various colours and can be found at most stores that sell candles.

  1. The Lotus Flower

If you love to meditate or want to bring some zen into your home, this is your holder. The lotus flower has been associated with Buddhism and symbolises rebirth and enlightenment. This beautiful candle holder features two lotuses in bloom with a tea light nestled between them.

You can buy different colours to match your decor or mood, and the holder can be used for both candles and incense.

For example, if you want to relax after a long day, you might burn some lavender incense in your lotus holder. Or, if you’re planning a dinner party, you could use it as a centrepiece and fill it with candles in coordinating colours.

  1. The Moon 

Lastly, you can choose a moon-shaped candle holder for a unique and elegant design. This beautiful candle holder is made with natural wood and has been carefully carved to resemble the moon. It’s a magnificent piece that would make a great addition to any home.

Final Words

Whether you’re using them for functionality or decoration, there’s no doubt that candles and incense holders can significantly impact your space.