6 steps to clean a house after sewage overflow


Sewage overflow can destroy an entire property. This can happen due to flooding or clogged sewers. If the damage is extensive we should contact a professional obstruction company in Athens.

Follow these 6 steps below that the experts from Apofraxeis Antoniou advised us!

How to clean a house in 6 steps after sewage overflow

  1. Discard consumer goods (food, beverages, spices, etc.) and materials like carpets, curtains, upholstery, clothes, teddy bears, books, and other paper products that have come in direct contact with sewage.
  2. Inspect professional items that are contaminated with high emotional or monetary value. The specialists have advanced equipment, specialized cleaning products and rich experience in dealing with contaminated content, so that they can disinfect and restore any contaminated items.
  3. Cover furniture and carpets that have been slightly affected by dirty sewage.
  4. Wash all affected items (including furniture and appliances) with antibacterial cleaning products, rinse well and take them out to dry in sunlight.
  5. Add a cup of chlorine to the water when washing clothes that have come in contact with contaminated water.
  6. Move all objects out of the affected area.

Electrical and plumbing systems, as well as any appliances located in the contaminated area, should be professionally inspected and repaired if necessary.

These steps will ensure that your home is properly cleaned and safe living is restored.

When to call for professional help

A professional obstruction company is always the best solution, especially when it comes to the following cases:

  •  Leakage is not limited to a single room in your home.
  • The overflow occurred more than 24 hours ago (or has been sitting for an unknown number of hours). Bacteria and viruses will have already spread to this point, posing a serious threat to your health and making sewage treatment very dangerous.
  • Leakage is caused by a sewer or septic tank.
  • There is a possibility that the sewage water will come in contact with the air conditioning system of your home (in this case you will need professional cleaning to ensure good air quality in your home).
  • You or a member of your family has health problems that can be aggravated by microorganisms that may have been created by sewage.

Keep in mind that the more polluted water is in your home, the greater the risk of disease and damage to your property.

Health hazards

As mentioned above, sewage leaks contain contaminants that can cause serious illness, so you need to tackle the problem before bacteria and viruses can spread throughout your property and jeopardize its safety.

Sewage cleaning, however, requires the handling of infectious waste, which makes it dangerous to your health. Wearing personal protective equipment is necessary, but it may not be enough to ensure your safety.

Especially if sewage has affected large areas of your home (and cannot be treated quickly enough) or is difficult to clean, (and cannot be adequately treated) or has remained for many hours (and harmful bacteria have already spread).

Property damage

A sewage leak can cause serious damage to the water in your property and result in the growth of mold. You will not only need to repair or replace water-damaged building materials (floors, boards, drywall, insulation, etc.) and household items (furniture, appliances, etc.).

Mold can further damage your property and create more health problems for your family.

Why choose Apofraxeis Antoniou?

Using professional sewage cleaning services will help you avoid all the above risks and restore your property to pre-accident condition as soon as possible.

The experts will respond to your situation quickly and efficiently. Sewage cleaning companies have specialized cleaning products, which are eco-friendly, advanced equipment and the most important… they have the knowledge to deal with these difficult circumstances.

In these cases, you need professional help! Call Apofraxeis Antoniou to advise you on the steps you should follow. The specialists will clean the drains and the areas that have been overflowed and will disinfect the objects and anything else that is needed.