7 Tips on How to Keep your Porta Potty Clean During an Even

It is almost a must to rent porta potty when you have an outdoor event, no matter how big or small it may be. When you rent porta potty, you lessen the likelihood of people using your personal bathroom if you are having the event at home. When you have your event at a big public park, it is only responsible to rent porta potty because you would not want your guests to be uncomfortable and not knowing where to relieve themselves. These portable toilet rental Gillespie County TX, however, tend to get extremely dirty unless you do the things below.

Order enough for your guests

Order too few porta potties and you’re sure to be suffering from very dirty toilets with overflowing banks. You need to order just the right amount of potties for the number of guests you are expecting. This way, the likelihood of your porta potties smelling horrible is low.

Situate them well

You should not put all your potties in just one location. Put the big banks in high traffic areas and the small ones in lower traffic areas. If you need help, the company renting you porta potties could suggest spots where you can put them so they don’t all get full at the same time.

Have them cleaned

Most porta potty suppliers offer additional services. You can either call for cleaning during an event or schedule one for the last hours or two of your event. This helps you focus on your program while leaving the clean potty concern to professionals.

Hire Attendants

If you can hire hands, add attendants per two or three porta potties. This way, someone is always monitoring the cleanliness of your portable toilets and your guests won’t have to worry about catching anything bad during your event.

Assign someone to check on them

Even when you’ve hired attendants already, ask someone from your team to check on these portable toilets. Make sure that the attendants are on top of their game, and your portable potties are actually getting cleaned once dirty.

Put cleaning tables on each

You can coordinate with your portable toilet company to either put a cleaning table beside their portable cubicle or provide this yourself to cut down on costs. This way, the portable toilets are thoroughly and regularly cleaned. Check on the supplies once in a while to make sure that they are still sufficient, and ask the attendants to focus on touch points, or the areas that are touched the most by your guests.

Air them out

When unoccupied, make sure that all portable potties are cleaned. Now, cleaning agents can also emit odors, and sometimes even after cleaning, fecal or urinal odors may pervade. Air your potties out to make sure that nasty odors don’t get stuck in the cubicles. Have professional attendants check on the banks to make sure they are not overloaded or not full. If the portable potty is full, don’t let anyone use them until your supplier comes back to replace the banks.

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