8 Clever Ways to Fix a Plain Wall with Ease


Whether you are living in a mansion or a city apartment, you are often left with a decision to decorate a large plain wall with no windows. If something is missing in your living room, or bedroom, pay attention to the walls, are these just standing there bare? That’s what could be adding a dull factor to your space. If you are perplexed as to what can be done to fix plain boring walls, we have some clever wall décor ideas that you can implement to make your space more inviting.

1. Hang Rugs and Quilt – If you thought rugs and quilt are just for the house floor, then let us tell you what you are missing out. Hanging quirky patterned quilts on your wall can be a fantastic way of amping up the glam factor of your living space. Not only does it transform the look of the room, but it also covers almost the whole of the wall, leaving very little space to add any more decoration.

2. Create a Memory Lane- Yes you read that right, walls are a great place to reminiscence the memories you have built with your family. Decorate it with framed pictures of all the happy times, and holidays that you have taken to create a mesmerizing wall décor.

3. Add Nature to the Wall – This is the most clever and economical way to give your plain wall a nice pop of color. Hang vertical pots of plants that bloom different flowers to sync nature into your living room. If you think it’s difficult to maintain real plants, then go ahead with the artificial ones, they equally look good.

4.  Designer Wallpaper – A well-known way to give your walls a facelift is to cover them with designer wallpaper. Pick a pattern that is bright and in contrast with the rest of the décor to create a striking look.

5. Majestic MuralMural painting a fantastic option to give your walls an artistic twist. Harmoniously incorporate an architectural element by picking a design that’s larger than life. For a bedroom, you can pick a theme, and then match the bedsheets and décor around that theme.

6. Large Mirror– If you live in a space with smaller square feet, then mounting a large rectangular mirror on one of the walls can help you create an illusion of open, bigger space and it’s an ideal way to cover up the wall.

7. Use Washi Tape– Washi tapes are available in the market in numerous designs, from simple geometrical shapes to cute prints you can find them all. Use these tapes to create vertical lines to remodel your wall. These can be easily removed, and you can keep changing the pattern the way you like.

8. Covert into Mini Library – Adorn your wall with your favorite books. Go ahead and fix floating shelves of different sizes, and show off your book collection.


 So don’t let the blank walls put you in despair, go ahead and use the above ideas to spice them up in a pocket-friendly manner.