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8 Tips for Packing

8 Tips for Packing

Packing up memories and possessions can be an emotional and often trying time for people. It can be a daunting task trying to decide where to start or how to do it correctly. Below are seven tips to ensure that valuable possessions are packed correctly and efficiently.

Colour Coding System

A color-coding system for the move will reduce stress and confusion. It will eliminate having to open each box to know what is inside or juggle the box around looking for the label stating what room the contents go in. A great option for implementing this is to use large coloured stickers. Once the box is packed, the user can place the sticker on the top, eliminating handwriting and constantly losing the marker. A variety of other tips can be found by contacting professional Movers Advisors.

Gather essentials

Packing a small box or duffle bag of essentials is important. The container can contain various personal items such as toothbrushes, daily hygiene products, a change of clothes, chargers, and medications. This bag of necessities will eliminate the need to dig through packed boxes, looking for needed things.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures while packing can greatly add to the ease of unpacking. There will be numerous boxes containing things from each room, but it would not be efficient to list all the contents on each box label, but taking a picture of the contents can be quick and easy. The same is useful for electronic systems such as television and radios. A picture can be taken showing the correct way the system is installed to be referred to later.

Utilize Household Items as Packing Containers

Moving supplies can be costly, so why not utilized household items. These items will already have to be transported in the move, so packing inside them only makes sense. For example, clothing and linens can be packed inside suitcases, which can easily be rolled out to the moving truck. Spices, seasonings, and other small kitchen items can be packed inside pots and pans. Towels and linens can be stacked and moved in laundry baskets, and cleaning products can be put into trash cans for the move.

Leave Clothes on Hangers

Most people have closets full of clothes on hangers. It creates more work to take the clothing off the hangers to pack then put them back on hangers when unpacking. Leaving all of the clothing on the hangers and putting a trash bag or some other covering over them eliminates having to perform double work. Once the possessions arrive at the new house, the clothes can be taken from the moving truck and hung in the new closet.

Do Not Empty Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers can act as packing containers for their contents. The dresser and the drawers will have to be moved, so leaving them packed eliminates the need for unpacking them at the new location. If the dressers are too heavy to move with the drawers and their contents intact, take the drawers out and wrap them in plastic to prevent spillage.

Linens and Towels

Utilizing linens and towels is an additional way to cut the cost of supplies. These items can be used in the place of bubble wrap and other types of protective packing materials. Things such as dishes, knickknacks, glass bottles, and vases can be wrapped in towels or linens before packing double use both packs the towels and other items and provides a protective layer. By implementing the above tips, a lot of stress and confusion can be eliminated from the moving process.

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