A Few Different Types of Commonly Used Pliers


Pliers are a tool that perhaps all of us are familiar with and everyone must be having at least one plier available at home. It is a very important tool that may be needed in any kind of repair or other mechanical work, where you need to hold a nut or bolt. However, there are many different types of pliers available for use.

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If you just notice carefully any standard plier that is very commonly found in every toolbox have the following few parts:

  • Cutters – Cutters are generally located quite close to the fulcrum and can be used for cutting any wire or cable.
  • Fulcrum – At the fulcrum, the jaws and handles are connected, and also it can create sufficient force to the jaws for performing their required function.
  • Handles – Generally, the user will hold this part. Handles can be either straight or curved. Usually, the handle surface will be either bare metal or coated with plastic.
  • Jaws – Jaws of the pliers are used for gripping any part. Any combination pliers may also have jaws with cutters along with pipe grips.
  • Pipe grips – There is a rounded opening available in the jaw that is usually meant for gipping any pipe and can be quite useful for gripping a round object.

The following are the few different varieties of pliers that you will find in the toolboxes of the technicians and mechanics who are involved in various technical works.

1.    Crimping pliers

Such pliers are used for crimping terminals with any wire that is generally required in electrical, electronics, and communication equipment.

2.    Diagonal pliers

These pliers are quite strong and are mostly used by carpenters for cutting any nails. They are also useful in certain electrical works too.

3.    Needle nose pliers

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You can find such pliers in the toolkits of electricians, fishers, jewelers, and any network technicians.

4.    Slip joint pliers

Such kind of pliers have a fulcrum that can be adjusted for altering the width of any jaw. You will find them in any plumber’s toolkit.

5.    Snap ring pliers

They have short and round jaws for closing any snap rings and are commonly used to set the gears of mountain bikes or similar vehicles.

6.    Tongue and groove pliers

This angled jawed tool is very useful to turn nuts and bolts. You will find such tools used by plumbers, mechanics, electricians, etc.

7.    Bail making pliers

You will generally find this tool in any jewelry shop where the artisan uses them very frequently for making different ornaments.

8.    Battery pliers

Primarily used in the automobile industry for tightening or loosening the bolts used on car batteries or any jumper cables.

9.    Bent nose pliers

This is another useful tool that you will find used by jewelry artisans, electricians, and in few other occupations that deal with shaping wire.

There are many more varieties of pliers available but the above-mentioned pliers are very commonly used tools.