A Guide on the Different Electrical Solutions and Upgrade Services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties


    It isn’t just the ambience of a property that matters when it concerns renovations and upgrades, safety of the property against electric mishaps is something that you should equally worry about. A single fault in your electric setup can harm your place in the following ways.

    • Short circuits can lead to fire accidents that can damage the property and even turn out to be a life risk for people residing in the property.
    • Obsolete fixtures do not support modern power saving appliances. Which means you’ll have to pay a substantial electricity bill every month.
    • The entire property will look dull without a modern lighting setup that can illuminate even larger areas that, otherwise, cannot be handled by old and obsolete lighting fixtures at all.

    That said, let’s now take you through the many services offered by NW Electrical Solutions certified electricians that you can benefit from. 

    Services for Residential Properties:

    Whether it’s estimates that you want before planning renovation or actual site inspection(s) to provide you with the exact list of changes that your property requires, electricians at NW Electric Solutions will offer all such services. The different upgrade and renovation services they offer for residential properties are listed below. 

    • Upgrading the electrical service panel.
    • Installing/upgrading the generators and emergency backup systems.
    • Installing fixtures in the hot tub systems and swimming pools and fountain systems.
    • Lighting upgrades and LED upgrade solutions. 
    • Lighting control systems and smart home automation.
    • In home audio systems, CCTV and security systems, and heating and AC systems.
    • Installing fire alarm systems and smoke/CO² detectors.
    • Gate automation (access control) solutions. 

    Services for Commercial Properties 

    It isn’t just the lighting quality and luminosity that matters when talking about a commercial space, there are many other aspects that you have to worry about. And all such solutions and services – listed below – are provided by professionals at NW Electrical Solutions.

    • Solutions and systems for overall energy maintenance in order to  reduce the power consumption.
    • Distribution replacement and upgrades.
    • Preventative maintenance programs.
    • Applying solutions for automation systems, lighting control systems, and generator and backup UPS systems.
    • Motor control centers.
    • Entertainment systems and lighting.
    • Fire alarm systems.
    • Fiber-optic and copper data cable solutions.
    • Access control, security cameras, and CCTV installation. 

    Services for Industrial Properties 

    Whilst industrial properties do share a lot of solutions that are common with the upgrades for commercial and residential properties like installing the CCTV surveillance system and even smoke and fire detectors, there are some others that are exclusive to the industrial properties. Have a look!

    • Installation of systems at hazardous locations.
    • Preventative Maintenance.
    • Rigid conduit systems (GRC, IMC).
    • Machine installation.
    • System troubleshooting.
    • Wastewater treatment plants.
    • Emergency generator installation.
    • Grounding and lighting protection.
    • Motor control centers.
    • Variable frequency drives.
    • Communication systems.
    • Medium voltage systems.

    You can also contact the experts at NW Electrical Solutions for any other information that you might need.