Aircon Vs. Air Cooler – Which Is the Right One for Home


The temperature in Singapore changes constantly because it has water on all sides. An increase in the number of buildings and vehicles affects the environment and blocks the airflow – one of the primary reasons for hot climate. So, living without an air cooler or conditioner is difficult in Singapore, especially during the summer months. In this article, you can learn a few differences between an air cooler and an aircon that helps in choosing the right one.

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Aircon vs. Air cooler

Air conditioner

Aircon is the popular air cooling option because it is suitable for all environments, from cool to humid. On aircon, you can choose the temperature depending on the climate. Aircon contains a pump, cooling agent, and drain hose. All these can help to let the hot air out and blow the cool air into your room. Also, it contains refrigerant gas, which ingests heat and chills of the protected space.

These days, you can find a range of compressed air conditioners. These are suitable for each type of environment and circumstance.

These air conditioners are the perfect choice for both the business environment and families.


  • Decreases the temperature in the room 10 degrees or more
  • Moves the exhaust outside from your room
  • Useful for humid and dry areas

Air cooler

An air cooler is a different product as it works with the basic cooling strategy. The air coolers will blow the hot air near the water to lessen the temperature. You can use the ice cubes to improve the cool blow.

In an air cooler, cool water is used instead of cooling fluid. So, the temperature of the room drops much less. Moreover, the water vapor humidifies the area. To lessen the humidity, you need to open the windows when using an air cooler. Air coolers will not have an option to choose the preferred temperature; you have to regulate the ventilation settings, which is hard to do. Also, it is not suitable for all environments.


  • Decreases the room temperature up to 3 degrees
  • Slightly cooler compared to fans
  • Humidifies the space
  • Suitable for only dry areas

Few people think that air coolers and air conditioners serve the same purpose, but both are different. An air conditioner can heat and cool the air, while an air cooler can only blow the cool air and creates humidity. If you are looking for the one that serves all the seasons, then an air conditioner is a perfect choice.

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