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Appliance Repair Tool Tips and Hacks


Here are seven of the best tooltips and hacks for any appliance repair technician or sub zero freezer repair los angeles ca you might have now or in the future. These hacks will help you find ways to put yourself out of this pattern once and for all.

  • Colored Tape 

Arrange your tools using this hack. For a screw driver set, for example, you can mark the handle with red tape and mark the detachable heads with the same color but with thinner strips. Not only will make them easier to find but it’s easier to sort them into their original place.

  • Pick and Return to the same slot

This is a bit of a hassle, yes, but it will pay off in the long run. Except for the tools that are constantly being used at a visit, always return ones in areas where you picked them off your kit or bag. Saves you a lot of them rummaging as you look for them. 

  • Choose Kits with Locked slots

It’s a little expensive but locked slots in your kits are miracles in themselves. Every tool should have an area especially for them. Organize screws, hammers, pliers by size or type and it’s easier to retrieve and less likely to be entangled with each other.

You may want to color code the slots, too. By the end of the visit, you can do a quick peek at your bag and immediately know which tool is missing. 

  • Clean, clean, clean!

The area you are working on should be free from distractions and clutter. On a house call, for example, set aside household items away from this workplace. You can use an old small blanket or a used tarp as a place to put your active tools. After the repair, clean again.

  • Get big, reliable pockets

When it’s not possible to put away everything, invest in a work apron or tool belt where you can put your tools. You can also have a pair of pants with pockets large enough to hold your tools. The trick is to get used to putting your own things into your pockets instead of just putting them down the floor. 

  • Lidded containers for bolts, screws, etc

These small little things can get lost pretty quickly, and they don’t cost cheap either. Store them in little cups or containers large enough so grabbing them one by one won’t result in one rolling away into a dark corner. 

  • Regular inventory and Sorting

Most importantly, regularly do check if you have all the tools in the tool box or bag. All the effort placed into sorting and color coding won’t matter if you start losing tools again. Do check your tools before and after a house call, and before you go home (and before you do laundry, too!)

It is always helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve for better results. May these tips and hacks make your appliance repair journey more enjoyable and less-hassle. 

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