Are flush-to-the-wall doors more delicate than normal ones?


The wall flush doors have different advantages and lately are very appreciated for their ability to blend and adapt to any decor. This type of doors can be hinged, pivot, folding 180 degrees or retractable sliding doors, also known as “flush with the wall”. If hinged or folding, they will require less demolition work than retractable ones, which require a special hidden frame. You can visit this link if you want to know more on the types of interior doors that suits your budget and taste.

Should they be designed before the construction phase?

The flush door must be chosen in the design phase. Its structure is different from the traditional ones, jambs and frames disappear, in some models the lock is magnetic, so it is not advisable to make them when the interior is completed. Flush-to-the-wall doors are delicate if they are painted the same color as the wall, with the same paint. To make the door more washable and less sensitive to dirt it is recommended to use water-based satin enamel or wallpaper that covers it, maintaining the same final effect. It is also important that the installation is not carried out by improvised masons. The result also depends on the way these doors are installed, so don’t compromise on implementation.

Is it advisable to put a glass door in a modern kitchen?

Sure. Certainly the kitchen divided through a simple 80cm hinged door no longer makes much sense in a contemporary setting. The spaces between the kitchen and the living room have expanded and there is an attempt to create much more airy open spaces, with glass doors or transparent systems to increase the perception of spaces.

What characteristics must a door have that you want to camouflage?

A door that tends to disappear must be without exhibitions, and the same color of the walls.These are very popular doors lately, which can be painted on site or even covered with wallpaper.

What type of door to use to divide the living and sleeping areas?This is a subject to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. In general, the door that divides the living area and the sleeping area can be both camouflage, so that it tends to disappear, and the protagonist, therefore having a particular design. The latter idea is generally preferred, especially when the door is central to the living area.Another very popular solution is the use of laminated glass doors with invisible technical elements (trolleys and glass clamps), which allow the passage between the two environments to be dematerialized Betta Security.

How to choose the color of the handles?

Today the coordinated look works best, which means that it is preferable to use the same handles throughout the house. In any case, at least the same color and finish should be used. In general, aluminum gray / chrome both polished and satin, is used much more than gold or brass, more likely in the contemporary classic style. Lately, handles that match the color of the door are spreading, which makes them less evident and more design. check this link for soundproofing floors.