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Are Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets in Style

Are Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets in Style

If you love transitional kitchen designs, then it’s high time you consider installing modern farmhouse cabinets inside your pantry. These drawers are known for their stunning design, which generally features a sophisticated blend of classic and contemporary fashion.

Unfortunately, the classic origin of farmhouse kitchen cabinets has made many homeowners think that they are not fashionable in modern interior design. But in this article, we will tell you why farmhouse-styled drawers are stylish.

Continue reading to learn how you can make farmhouse cabinets the defining design feature of your pantry.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Typically defined by simplified designs marked by natural wood stains, modern farmhouse cabinets are easy to identify. In most cases, you will find them marked with simple traditional styles marked by minimal vintage ornamentation. This is chiefly because they are built to emphasize not just beauty but function as well.

Besides the observable simple designs, the defining features of modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets include the following.

1. Natural Wood Material Component

As a true reflection of the lifestyle of the earliest country farmers who relied on raw wood for almost everything, farmhouse cabinets typically feature natural wood in terms of material composition. You can find them in a wide variety of hardwood materials, from maple to oak, teak, hickory, mahogany, and cherry.

All hardwoods are known for uncomparable resilience against pushes, pulls, and scratches. In this sense, farmhouse cabinet varieties can last for years regardless of the traffic they are constantly exposed to.

2. Open-Layout Designs

The homes of earliest country farmers, specifically where farmhouse cabinets get inspiration from, were generally defined by functionality in terms of interior layout design. Modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets in this regard, are commonly distinguishable courtesy of their open-layout designs.

Due to the rising prominence of open-shelved cabinets in modern interior design, the popularity of modern farmhouse-styled cabinets has unfathomably skyrocketed in the recent past.

3. Rustic Ornamentation

As much as modern farmhouse cabinets nowadays feature modern industrial fixtures, they never lack rustic or vintage beautification aspects, for example, rustic natural wood fixtures and hardware components.

Generally speaking, the best way to style these drawers is by pairing them with rustic accessories, which is a sound fact that justifies the place of rustic ornamentation as one of their defining characteristics. In this regard, modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are often more recommended for traditional and transitional pantry designs.

Are Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Fashionable?

As their distinguishing attributes suggest, modern farmhouse cabinets seem the most fashionable cabinetry designs. While many may think they are not as good as their stunning design suggests, you need to know that modern farmhouse-styled cupboards feature among the top cabinet trends in the contemporary-world interior design industry.

Among other inspiring reasons, a huge population of homeowners consider modern-looking farmhouse kitchen cabinets fashionable designs due to the following.

Bold Visual Appearance

With a stately natural wood countenance, modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are admirably bold in terms of appearance. Regardless of what you choose to blend them with, these cupboards can look exceptionally attractive.

Now that modern homeowners are expressing unending love for décor materials that can stimulate visual appearance, bold-looking cabinetry designs like farmhouse cabinets are bound to skyrocket in popularity.


In terms of practicability, modern-looking farmhouse cabinets are pleasurably the go-to cabinet variety. Because of their natural wood stains, these drawers boast a longer lifespan compared to a myriad of cabinet designs.

Moreover, their open layout designs make them valuable in making an interior seem full of space and thus, lively and luxurious. Hence, if you want your pantry to be practical in terms of ease of usage and styling, simply choose these timeless cabinet designs.

The Multiplicity of Design Options

Because modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet designs come in classic, modern, and contemporary styles, homeowners who choose to install them in the interior of their kitchens access multiple design options, from where they can find their ideal designs.

Therefore, if by any chance you want to access different design options when choosing drawers for your pantry, consider going for modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

Compatibility with All Kitchen Designs

Modern Farmhouse-styled drawers particularly become famous for their seamless compatibility with all interior designs, which is probably because of their design variability. Whether you want a traditional, modern, or contemporary-looking cookhouse, you can achieve your dream design with modern-styled farmhouse cabinets.

In this regard, it is easier to shift from one design to the other with farmhouse cabinets marked by a modern appeal. Do you wish that you were in a position to try out new designs as fashion changes over time? If yes, then install farmhouse cabinets in your pantry.

What are the Latest Ideas On Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

1. Modern Open-Shelved Farmhouse Cabinets

Defined by open-layout designs, open-shelved modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are sights worth seeing. Besides their amazing appearance, these drawers are admirably functional in the sense that they offer extra storage spaces in terms of speciality casings while making an interior seem less stuffy.

2. Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

As classic as farmhouse kitchen cabinets, shaker cabinets are a genuine replacement for farmhouse-styled drawers. However, they are versatile not just in terms of design outlook but colors as well. In this regard, you can find modern shaker cabinets in a myriad of colors, from white to black, green, pink, and much more.

3. Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Considering that natural wood is one defining feature of all farmhouse cabinet designs, natural wood cabinets have been trending as viable designs that can be used in place of farmhouse cabinet designs, including modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

Fortunately, you will have lots of material options to choose from if you opt for natural wood cabinets. These drawers come in a wide range of hardwood materials, including mahogany, cherry, oak, hickory, and maple. Generally speaking, all these hardwood varieties are celebrated all over for their outstanding durability and scratch resistance properties.

Final Thoughts

If you want your kitchen to simultaneously portray tradition and modernity, simply install in it modern farmhouse-styled cabinets. These drawers are presently featuring astonishing designs that make them attractive in contemporary fashion. With modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you can access lots of interior design options, all of which can guide you to your ideal interior design preference.

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