Bath Towel Hacks: Best Way To Pick Bath Towels


Feeling the touch of a towel fabric isn’t the only criteria for picking out bath towels. What might feel soft and smooth at the first instance might later turn out to be prickly with every wash.

You wouldn’t want a prickly towel after a nice, refreshing bath. Would you?

Hence, before locking on that one bath towel, make sure to scrutinise it right.

We have some tips and tricks that will help you pick the ideal bath towel.

Determine Towel Dimensions

There are multiple size variations to choose from while buying a towel. You must assess your needs before fixing on a particular towel size.

A typical bath towel is 70 x 140 cm. They are suitable for your everyday showers. However, if you require extra coverage, then you can go for bath sheets.

Bath sheets have a larger surface area and are 90 x 160 cm. They are ultra-absorbent that soak the water droplets of the skin and hair quickly. You can wrap yourself up entirely in a bath sheet which isn’t possible with a standard bath towel.

If you want compact towels, you can go for 40 x 60 cm hand towels, and if this is not compact enough for you, you can pick 30 x 30 cm face towels, also known as washcloths.

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Fabric Density

The weight of a towel is measured by GSM, i.e. grams per square meter. Most towels are anywhere between 300 to 900 GSM.

You should consider the GSM depending upon the purpose of use.

For instance, if you want to buy a travel-friendly bath towel, consider a low GSM towel because they tend to be more light and thin. They also dry off quickly. However, if you’re looking for everyday home use, then a mid-range GSM towel is what you should buy. They are perfectly absorbent as well. But if you’re someone who looks for extra fluffiness in towels, then a high gsm towel should be bought. But, these towels take forever to dry.

A good quality towel has a high GSM. Typically that is any towel with 400 GSM or more.

  • A low GSM towel ranges from 300-400 GSM.
  • A mid-range includes 400-600 GSM
  • A high GSM towel is 600-900 GSM

Pick A Durable Towel

Invest in bath towels that are long-lasting and won’t have you switching towels every few months. One-ply towels are considered to be less durable than two-ply towels.

Also, 100% cotton towels have a longer lifespan than towels with mixed fabrics. Their long fibers make the towel extremely soft and durable.

That is why it is very important to check the description box when buying towels online.

Colours And Prints

Weight, size, and durability are not the only factors that make a good bath towel. The colours and prints are also to be considered. Your towel can elevate the appearance of your bathroom.

There are many, many towel hues and patterns you can choose from. You can pick out a solid coloured towel set or a floral printed bath sheet. Choose the colours and prints that fascinate you.

Portico is the brand that I prefer that has a wide range of bath towels online that meets every person’s requirements. You can find everything from simple to funky to elegant in their towel collection. Their range includes towel sets, face towels, hand towels, bath towels and more. You will also find 100% cotton towels on their website but I would also suggest Check Towel Sets.

I absolutely adore Portico towels. They are super comfy and last pretty long.