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Bathroom Decoration and More Done by the Specialists

Bathroom Decoration and More Done by the Specialists


Do you want to change the decoration of your bathroom but you have a limited budget? The installation of new tiles is an aesthetic and inexpensive solution. Available in many colors and materials, tiling is an element in its own right that contributes to the overall aesthetic of a place. Its installation is delicate and must be carried out by a professional. The interior renovation specialist supports you in the choice of your new tiling and takes care of its installation, for an installation in the rules of the art.

Office layout to optimize your workspace

Whether you have a dedicated room or you want to set up an office area in an already existing room, we provide you with our advice in choosing the most suitable furniture for your space and the current decoration of your room. From Ristrutturazioni Complete Chiavi in Mano you can expect the best service.

Renovation of your interior: think about interior insulation

Interior renovation work is also an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by redoing your interior insulation. By insulating your walls from the inside, you can save up to 25% on your heating bills. You will also benefit from better thermal comfort in your home.

During your interior renovation work, our insulation experts will come to your home to install the insulation before the installation of the new wall covering or the installation of tiling on the floor.

Technician performing interior wall insulation

Interior renovation: fitting out attics

Do you want to expand your interior without having to move? The development of the attic is an ideal interior renovation solution to gain additional square meters. This is an opportunity, for example, to create a new bedroom, or to add an additional room to your home, such as an office or a separate dressing room.

Here again, expert renovations intervenes to optimize space and offer you an ideal layout. During a construction of the attic, electrical work is expected to bring the current into this new room. And if you are planning to install an en-suite bathroom, then plumbing work should also be considered. We also work on this type of service regardless of the floor where you need to renovate your plumbing: installation of a thermodynamic tank, installation of a heating network, etc.

And if you want to benefit from optimal thermal comfort in summer as in winter, the installation of a ventilation system  is also possible. This will allow you to enjoy a cool interior during hot weather.

We take care of your work from A to Z, from the reinforcement of the frame to the creation of a load-bearing floor, including the installation of a staircase hopper or the installation of openings to let in the light. Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice and a free price estimate.

Specialist in interior renovation

Do you want to redo your interior? We offer you a tailor-made service solution in total correlation with your needs and desires. We take care of everything from design to construction. The interior of a house lives but must above all be adapted to its inhabitants. This is why a first meeting will be organized. We will visit your home so that we can, together, completely recreate your living space and improve it.


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