Benefits of Handcrafted Items and How should you choose one?


The style should be marked by your personality

It is true: our house talks about us, and sometimes we worry too much about the effect it can have on our guests and we forget that, first of all, it is our home, our most private space. For this reason, looking for accessories for our home, we end up buying things that we don’t use later. My first tip is to encourage you to find your style. Make no mistake: you don’t have to follow a trend just because interior decorating magazines say so. First of all, you have to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are and how you live. You have to think that your house is something like your visual identity: the reflection of you, your personality and the result of your daily dynamics.

What have I done? I have stopped getting frustrated looking for my house to resemble one trend or another and I have accepted that my house is the way I am. Sometimes a little crazy: I love having pictures of my family in view and surrounding myself with handmade objects that I have found along the way, either in stores or in second-hand markets or online. For me, gift items for home decoration are handcrafted sea life bottle art that add warmth to my home. 

Look for objects that convey that feeling to you

Be guided by your instincts. There are objects that immediately manage to communicate something to us, awaken an emotion in us. I don’t think getting carried away by this emotion is anything risky. For example, I love discovering little brands from creative people; I am very sensitive to delicate imperfections and therefore these pieces are unique and really perfect for me. I prefer them to the products of the department stores and I think they transform my house into a cozy space.
If you buy objects that have an emotional bond with you, those emotions will carry over to your home: positive emotions that will surround you most of the day and give you great inner peace, making your home your refuge.

Choose well what you spend your money on

Clearly, most of us have no money to spare. Anyway, I am sure that at some time, you have also made a compulsive purchase just to feel differently and after a short while you have regretted it; I think it has happened to all of us. That is why I tell you that it is much better to buy consciously so that we do not regret our impulsive decisions afterwards in times of downturn.

The advice I can give you is that, when buying, think about how much you are going to use that object, if it is going to be functional in your home and, even if you do not have much money, do not put all your attention on the price but on the quality of what you are buying. Better to buy gift items for home decoration that you really need and has quality even if this means making an investment or stopping buying other things. Once again, it’s about you being happy. Happy and excited about your purchase, not a victim of regret. Also remember that, many times, cheap is expensive.

Also, don’t forget the power of your money. When you buy, you are supporting one economic model or another. You are betting on large multinationals or supporting small local businesses.