Benefits of Professional Tree Removal Washington DC


Many property owners have trees that are tall, stately, and beautiful. Most of the time, having trees boosts property value. But what happens when those trees not only don’t add value but pose a risk to your home or safety? This includes dead or dying trees, trees that have limbs too close to your house or power lines, or trees too close to the underground sewer line. In that case, the tree or trees would need to be removed by a professional tree care service to prevent any damage from occurring.

Not only does tree removal washington dc help keep the trees on your property safe, but it also has other benefits. A tree care company doesn’t just remove trees; they provide other services too, like stump grinding, limb removal, hauling away tree and yard debris, and of course, tree and stump removal. All of those services are very important and should be scheduled and completed regularly to keep your property looking beautifully maintained and ensure there’s no danger of falling trees or limbs. In fact, regular tree care from a professional has some great benefits.

Benefits of Professional Tree Care Services

1. Makes Your Home and Property Safe

The best benefit of professional tree removal is that it makes your home and property much safer. When a tree is old and dying, the branches can easily fall and hit your house, car, or even a person.

2. You Get a Better View

If your property is cluttered with too many trees, it can obstruct your view. This includes trees growing too close together and overgrown branches, too. Even branch trimming and pruning can make a tremendous difference in the natural view you see every day.

3. Improves Curb Appeal

Having the trees in your yard professionally landscaped, trimmed, and pruned gives your curb appeal a huge boost. If you need it, we can even thin out some trees to ensure that they’re evenly spaced and trimmed perfectly to provide a naturally beautiful aesthetic on your property.

4. Prevents Damage

When trees get very old and large, their root system becomes extensive. Did you know that the roots of a tree are strong enough to break right through pavement or concrete? They can even break through your sewer line, which would cause a major problem and a smelly one, too.

When Should You Call for Professional Tree Removal?

You already know that professional tree care and removal is highly beneficial. But, how do you know if a tree is dangerous and should be removed? There are a few warning signs to watch out for that can indicate a problem in the future. If you notice any of the things listed below, you should contact a professional tree care service immediately to get the issue taken care of. This includes:

  • Hollow or dead trees
  • Visible trunk or root damage
  • Large broken limbs
  • Dead branches or hanging branches
  • Insect infestations
  • Too close to house or sewer lines

Schedule Regular Preventative Maintenance

Broken, dead, or dying trees can cause significant hazards for homeowners, and they’re even more dangerous because the risk they pose is unpredictable. That’s why any damaged or potentially hazardous trees should be removed immediately before the problem gets worse. The best way to prevent that kind of situation from occurring is to schedule regular preventative maintenance from a professional, including pruning and trimming branches. That allows for some control and to makes it easy to catch issues before they become serious. With the proper care, your property will be full of tall, beautiful, and healthy green trees.