Blankets that you need in your house


Blankets are essential in anyone’s home. They can keep you warm and they can also be beautiful decorative pieces that contribute to a more homey atmosphere. There are many different types of blankets, each from different types of materials and each serves a function. When you’re looking to buy a new blanket, you have to keep in mind what you want to use it for. There are a few that are the most popular options when it comes to buying blankets for one’s home.

The comforter

The comforter is the most popular kind of blanket, especially in countries with a colder climate. They are made of three layers, the middle layer being the one filled with an insulating material, usually down or cotton. The thicker they are, the more warmth they provide. What’s also really nice about them is that they make their bed look fluffy and dreamy.

The throw

Throws are a bit different than ordinary blankets because they are smaller, so they are best used for decorative purposes. You would usually put them on a couch or on a chair for warmth, but also to add some color accents. They are usually knit and have a fringe rather than a hemmed edge, which makes them perfect for decorative purposes.

Wool blankets

Wool is the natural fiber that provides the most warmth. This makes wool blankets perfect beddings. Wool is great at regulating temperature, that’s why you can use a wool blanket in any season. It has antibacterial properties, which means you don’t have to wash it very often. Wool is also resistant to fire, which means you can wrap yourself in a cozy wool blanket and sit by the fireplace, but this is also why it is such a popular option for camping. Some people say that wool makes their skin itchy, but that’s never the case with softer wool, such as Irish merino wool. If your reason for not buying a wool blanket is that it feels itchy, try Irish wool blankets.

Electric blankets

When the weather is especially frightening, there are electric blankets that can come to our help. These blankets have heating coils that are heated when electricity passes through them and you can regulate the temperature with the help of a control unit. However, it might not be a good idea to keep an electric blanket all night long. A better thing to do would be to use it to warm your bed before you fall asleep.

Pet blankets

Our beloved pets should be kept warm and comfortable, that’s why you should have a special blanket for them. Small pets, for example, small dogs, can be especially sensitive to cold, so veterinarians recommend adding an extra layer of warmth. The best blankets for pets are the ones that not only keep them warm, but that also are good at repelling hair naturally or can be easily cleaned from hair. Blankets made from polyester, fleece, and microfiber are very good for that.