Getting a DIY console table with shelves will be a great addition to your home. Its adjustable size makes it easier for you to customise it to any length and space you want, and the great finish will be for your style.
I love making affordable decor and furniture. For instance, I make $25 long hexagon trays and farmhouse benches. But today, I will teach you the techniques to use when building a modern rustic DIY console table. You can build a table with a high-end look without much expense with this modern, easy build. I’m very excited to tell you how!

Image via: 1825 Interiors

Materials and Tools I reduced the cost of building by getting affordable construction grade woods: 2×10, 2×6, 2x3s and 2x2s boards. I didn’t use any angle cuts when building, so the tools you’ll need include a drill/driver, a pocket hole jig, a circular saw, a mitre saw (chop saw). The pocket hole jig is a worthy investment because you can use it on many other projects, and it also makes the joinery extremely easy. You also need to get a few pocket hole screws and some wood screws. I’ll advise you to use the self-tapping screws because it reduces the time you’ll use on pre-drilling. Also, remember the clamps – excellent clamps make your build easier. Right angle clamps and face clamps are suitable for making this type of furniture. Building the Console Table Below are some tips to help you build a successful project.
  1. Cutting Wood Console Table Parts
If you are cutting multiple blocks of wood of the same length, you can use the first piece you’ve cut to mark, measure and cut other pieces to the same length.
  1. Sand your wooden pieces before you assemble them
After cutting the wood into pieces, sand and polish them to be smooth, you can get a perfect and smooth finish before the woods gets assembled. You can start with one hundred grit sandpaper and end it with 220 grit.
  1. Use spacers
Use wood scrapers to get excellent and secure joints in the best location. You wouldn’t need to mark many spots to fix the joints. You can measure the spacer rather than applying markings for the rails. You can also use a board spacer to fix the overhang of the shelf. You can also use small spacers to put the shelves in the proper place for the final assembly.
  1. Clamp
Get the perfect clamps and the best surface to make your console table. Good clamps are great investments. With clamps, your joins will be square and straight, and your table will be sturdy.
  1. Use a small drill
Use a small drill when building. Console tables are usually narrow, and leg spacing does not perfectly fit the standard drill size with a pocket hole bit. However, an angle drill or standard drill can be used to fix a tight spot.
  1. Self-Tapping Screws
Any time you are not making use of pocket hole screws, just use self-tapping screws. For the console table, it includes attaching your shelf to the base. If the screws aren’t self-tapping, you’ll be required to pre-drill the hole before adding the screws. This prevents the wood from splitting. Finishing the Console Table This table requires you to finish the wood before attempting to complete its assembly. Does the idea sound absurd? Definitely, but it is the perfect way to do this. After finishing, attach the shelves and top pieces and observe how the design turns out.