Buyers Guide to Awnings

Buyers Guide to Awnings

Looking to buy a new awning this summer to keep yourself and the family cool and out of the sun? If you’ve done any amount of research or not at all, it’s good to know what type of awning will best fit your needs. From glass enclosure to freestanding awnings and more, what type will best fit your family and how do you know which type to buy.

Fixed or Movable

You first need to consider whether the awning should be fixed in place or should be something that can be moved around. If you live in a climate that receives snow in the winter you may want to consider a moveable awning to avoid excessive wear and tear, in which case the first awning type would best meet your needs.

Free Standing Awning

This style of awning is very popular at. This style of awning does not require any wall mounting and stands completely on its own.

Patio Awning

patio awning is typically mounted to the wall on one side and reaches out over the patio. Most of the time this style also retracts and expands offering customized shade. This can be nice if you live in a southern climate where the sun is rather consistent but where you don’t want to keep the awning out all the time.

Pergola Awnings

This style of awning the completely fixed in place. The actual awning itself cannot retract nor expand and has a fixed frame design (often metal). This option is great for year-round sun protection where no snow is received.

See What’s Best For You

To see more design options and get a better sense of which awning will fit you best Awnings The Villages offers several styles and colors to meet your family’s needs this summer.