Can You Cut Tree Limbs Hanging Over Your Property In Florida?


In Florida, several different laws apply to the cutting of tree limbs that hang over a property line. One of these laws covers a neighbor’s obligation to cut down trees if they grow over their property line. Another one applies to cutting down any tree that crosses a private road. If you are planning to cut down a tree, be sure to check the law in your city. For help with the laws in your city, contact the professionals at

In Florida, you have a right to trim tree branches that dangle over your property line. As long as you stay on your side of the property line, you are allowed to cut off the limbs as long as they don’t pose a danger to your property. However, if the tree is too dangerous and threatens your property, you can report it to the city government.

Tree limbs may encroach on another property, causing a headache for your neighbors. But if they fall over your property line, you can remove them. The law states that you have a right to do so if they cause you damage. This can happen if your neighbor doesn’t follow the law. If you’re concerned about the safety of your neighbors, you can ask them to cut the tree limbs.

You can’t cut your neighbor’s tree limbs if they cross your property line. The state of Florida does not recognize a common-law cause of action for nuisance or negligence. This means that you cannot sue the neighbor unless you can prove that your tree is a danger to your property. You can file a complaint with the city government to force your neighbor to cut down the tree.

In Florida, it’s illegal to cut tree limbs hanging over your property without your neighbor’s permission. Even if you do, you can end up being sued. Depending on the jurisdiction, you can be held liable for damages, including overhanging branches, damaged gutters, and damaged sewer lines. In addition, a tree that has fallen over can also be considered dangerous if it falls over the road.

If the tree has fallen onto your property, you must ask the neighbor’s permission before cutting it. Before cutting a tree, make sure to consult with the neighbor to ensure that the limbs are safe and causing you no harm. If your neighbor doesn’t agree with the trimming, you can ask for an extension. In some states, a property owner has the right to choose which trees are allowed to fall over the property.