Choosing a stylish rug for the home


A rug is an important addition to any home, and a well-chosen one can help to bring a room together, you just have to bear a few things in mind when you go to choose one.

What’s your house like?

A key consideration is just what kind of use your rug will get: is it going to be walked on constantly or will it form a feature on a little used part of the floor? Then there is the very important question of just who will be using it. If you have pets or young children, then a light-coloured rug is probably going to be out of the question. You need something that can be cleaned easily and will take a lot of hard use.


This, of course, brings us to the question of fabrics, which one is best for you. There are many materials available, with wool and nylon being the most common. Wool is a nice, soft fabric and is durable too, so a good choice for children. Nylon and synthetic fabrics are cheaper, in every sense, but that means that you won’t be as terrified of your rug being damaged. One more thing to consider is your pets. Not only do pets mean it’s more likely you’ll need an easily cleanable rug, but some cats can take to particular fabrics and enjoy exercising their claws on them, so choose a material that your kitten won’t want to disassemble.

All different shapes and sizes

Choosing a rug that’s the right size for the intended purpose is crucial. Is your rug going to be functional, such as having the dining table placed on it? Or purely decorative, a small, eye catching feature in front of the fireplace? This also affects the shape that you choose. Round, oval, and rectangular are the most popular shapes, but there are others available, pretty much any shape you want. Just make sure that they fit comfortably where you want them and won’t be a trip hazard. If the rug has a raised design, this could make an uneven surface for any furniture you place on it, such as a coffee table, so bear in mind.

If you have a wooden or vinyl floor, then a large rug can add warmth and colour to a room, without the hassle of having a carpet and underlay measured and fitted. They will also be easy to swap if you get bored of the design.

What’s the budget?

This is, of course, the major point behind what kind of rug you will be able to buy. The price can often be an indicator of quality. Handmade rugs have a premium on them, but this is offset by their superior quality and individuality. A similar thing is true of wool rugs. Buying a mass-produced rug is fine if you don’t want it to last as long or it’s going to be placed somewhere less noticeable, such as a kid’s bedroom, where it will get a lot of hard use.

That certain something

A rug is something that should respect your personal tastes and style, and because there are so many different designs available, there’s no need to compromise.

If you want a rug that makes a statement, choose bold, contrasting colours that will catch your visitor’s eye and be the centre of attention. If you looking for something to sit in the background, go for colours that complement your décor and enhance your other furnishings.

Whatever you decide to go for, make sure that it’s a good-quality design that you love and will want to keep for many years.