Choosing the Best Real Estate in Costa Del Sol The Required Choice


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Living abroad is the dream of many people, isn’t it? And one of the most sought after destinations, besides Portugal, is Costa Del Sol. Preparing for the move requires planning and a lot of attention to detail, for example, if you know how to buy property in Costa Del Sol.

How to buy property in Costa Del Sol

First, it is necessary to confirm that Brazilians can buy property in Costa Del Sol. There are no impediments to buying houses, lots, apartments or rural properties, however, some rules need to be followed. It is essential that the interested party is fully aware of all the steps that must be taken before and after signing the contract for the new property choices like V48 Apartment Los Granados or V47 Aloha 40.


First, when finding the ideal property, the Real Estate Costa del Sol it is necessary to provide the Simple Information Note.

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The second step is the formalization of the pre-agreement between the owner and the buyer. It is a simple document, in which the seller makes the intention of passing on the house to the interested party. And the interested party, in turn, assures his intention to buy at the price and conditions stipulated.

When the buyer signs the pre-agreement, it is necessary to deliver the percentage of the combined value, approximately 10% of the total amount. If the buyer gives up the settlement, he has no way of recovering that amount. If the owner gives up on the sale, he needs to return it.


The transfer of the property certification needs to be carried out by a notary. This professional has the mission to read the documentation and question whether all involved are in accordance with the terms. Subsequently, the purchase deed is granted to the buyer.

It is worth mentioning that the expenses with the Deed Registration, the Land Registration Fee and the notary service range from 1% to 2.5%. While the Value Added Tax (VAT) is 10% for new properties.

Best sites for buying a house in Costa Del Sol

Nowadays, the internet has helped most people to solve the main daily issues. In addition, the purchase and sale of products was also made possible through the world wide web.

And buying a property in Costa Del Sol is no different. After all, you do not need to visit the property to know all its particularities.

So get to know some online platforms that offer this convenience:

Find out which are the cheapest cities in Costa Del Sol to live.


The platform menu is very simple and intuitive with several tabs, such as “buying or renting” houses, offices, facilities, guarantors, storage rooms, buildings and much more. Counting even with the division of options by cities and region of Costa Del Sol.

Basically, the website serves as a bridge between the owner of the property and the possible interested party. Both parties can create accounts for both placing and responding to ads. Those looking for a property can choose their favorites in order to receive alerts with changes in prices or inclusion of new details, such as photos, videos, virtual visits in 360.