Choosing What to Bring When Moving to a New Location


Moving is like a fresh start. Whether you’re moving to get out of a bad relationship or start a new job or have a change of scenery, it will feel like you can finally start over again. But logistically speaking, you’ve also accumulated a lot of stuff over the years since you first moved into your present home. And let’s be honest, most of these things have no place in your new home. You shouldn’t feel guilty about not taking them with you. It’s a brand-new home, which means it’s a chance to declutter all the things you’ve hoarded in the past.

While you will find many tips and recommendations on decluttering and moving to another city, most people forget that there are only really three things you have to remember when moving. These three things will focus on making sure you don’t leave anything important behind, and you don’t take anything that will be trash anyway. They are also focused on making money out of your old stuff since you can use that money to shoulder the cost of moving.

Inventory Your Belongings

An inventory will benefit you more than you think it will. Having an inventory will let you know what you have, what you have to take, and what you can get rid of. You will need this, too, when you ask for an estimate for the help of a moving company. They will estimate the cost of moving your things based on this inventory. It’s something your insurance will ask for, too.

How can you make an inventory? Walk through each room in your house and list down the stuff you see. Don’t eliminate yet the things that you don’t think you have to take. That’s for later. After you listed down the items, it’s time to write down your impressions of each item. Start with writing down what condition it is in then how large it is. Then, ask yourself how often you have used it and if you need it in your new house.

Sell or Donate Your Things

After you’ve listed down your things, it’s time to categorize them between what you have to take to your new home, what you can sell, and what you can donate. Put what you want to bring with you in a box and start labeling them. Don’t close the box yet since you never know if you’ll want to add more items. As for the things you don’t need, why don’t you sell or donate them? If you sell them, you can use the money for your moving expenses. Donating is the fastest route, of course.

If you want to sell your stuff, you need to organize a garage sale. Make sure to price them fairly. You’re just getting rid of this stuff. The money is nice, but you don’t need to make a big profit. Days before the garage sale, put up signs around your neighborhood and make a Facebook page about it. The signs should have the following information: your address, the date and time of the sale, and what payment methods you will accept.

Donating your stuff is easier. All you have to do is put them in a box and pick a charity that can make something out of them. Through this, you’ll be able to help those less fortunate than you are. However, check the donation guidelines before you dump your old stuff on them.

Recycle or Throw Away the Rest

Not everything you want to get rid of can be sold or donated. Some old magazines, papers, and books can be recycled. Old furniture and appliances need to be junked, though. You can rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company to throw these things for you. They’ll be the ones to try to find where they can throw away all your old and unusable stuff.

Be careful with what you categorize as junk since these removal companies don’t accept dead car batteries and hazardous wastes. You will have to find a different company for that. Check the restrictions first before you schedule a pickup.

Moving to a new city is a nice way to start over. You can get to know new friends with who you can share new experiences. You’ll also be able to pursue new passions and interests. Moving away is sometimes the best way to know yourself. But before you do, make sure you aren’t taking the junk—figuratively and literally—of your old life with you.

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