Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage Torrance CA


Commercial water damage needs to be fixed immediately before it starts impacting your routine tasks. Therefore, it’s important to act immediately to mitigate water damage. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the common causes of water damage to commercial properties and how to spot them. 

Here are the top causes of water damage to commercial properties and handle them with the help of professional water damage restoration companies:

Damaged or Broken Pipes

Many factors can cause your building pipes to become broken or damaged. For instance, changes in pressure and freezing temperatures are some common reasons. You can notice the signs of water damage due to pipes if you start seeing water stains on the building’s floors, ceilings, walls, or cracked tiles. If these signs are persistent in your build don’t wait any longer, call a professional water damage restoration company to help you fix the root cause and prevent any further damage. 

Leaking Sprinklers

Just like broken pipes, if you see any problem with the building’s sprinkler system, you need to consult a professional to inspect the system for potential leaks and get it fixed timely. The basic signs of leaking sprinklers are if you notice wet carpets, walls musty smell, or growth of mold. 

Damaged Roof 

It can be caused due to the extreme weather conditions like heavy winds, snowfall, or rainfall. Your roof can also be damaged with improper care and maintenance, fall tree trunk on the roof, or missing shingles. So, it’s important to get it fixed sooner to prevent any sort of damage to your roof. 

Natural Disasters

Even natural disasters, like flooding or harsh storms, could lead to water damage. While it’s not possible for you to prevent natural disasters, you can take some precautionary steps to ensure your commercial property is prepared to brave these events. 

Professional Water Restoration Company

At Fix My Home, customer services are focused beyond fixing a home. The professional water damage restoration company ensures the customers find peace and comfort when living in residential spaces and working in commercial buildings. The company’s highly-trained specialists know how to handle different tools and manage necessary resources to efficiently and quickly respond to the disasters. From basic cleanups to repair work, the restoration experts at the firm manage everything in difficult times. 

Whether customers are dealing with water damage issues or aftermath of flooding, house fire, or mold, they have got you covered. Their licensed and certified professionals work carefully to survey the damage while creating customized solutions to make your property appearing like new again. With extensive work experience in the field, the firm happily coordinates with different insurance companies as well. 

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