Coronavirus: Guidelines on Routine Disinfection


The coronavirus spreads mainly through respiratory droplets. Respiratory droplets are usually expelled from the body when a person sneezes or coughs. If such a person is infected with the virus, it can be transferred to another person when the other person inhales these droplets. The virus enters the body through the airway passages and mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and eyes. It is also possible to get the virus via contact with surfaces that have been contaminated with the virus. Hence, it is very important to carry out disinfection by coronavirus disinfection service St Paul

Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines

In order to minimize the spread of the virus, it is highly important that routine cleaning and disinfecting are carried out properly. This is key to the continued maintenance of a healthy, safe and livable environment. Before you begin disinfecting the environment, it is ideal to clean it first. By cleaning, you will be able to remove most germs and dirt which are very likely, visible. After cleaning, you can now go on to disinfect. Disinfecting the environment is done with the aid of chemicals that are capable of killing most germs. Routine cleaning and disinfecting is very important and can be done by coronavirus disinfection service st Paul. In carrying out routine cleaning and disinfecting, here are some things that you can do.

  • Clean and disinfect hard surfaces: Highly touched surfaces and objects should be disinfected every day. If these surfaces are touched frequently by different people, it is advisable that the surfaces and objects should be cleaned several times a day. Some of these surfaces and objects are handrails, stair rails, Pushbuttons found on various machines and elevators, doorknobs and door handles, chairs and desks, telephones, remote controls, computer keyboards, and desktops. Since certain objects like the keyboards are hard to clean, the users should be given proper education on how to use the keyboards and at the same time effectively reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.
  • Clean and disinfect soft surfaces: While cleaning soft surfaces, proper care should be taken in order to avoid damage to the item surfaces. Such soft surfaces include rugs, carpets, and drapes. Before cleaning and disinfecting soft surfaces, ensure that all body fluids, dirt, and contamination have been thoroughly removed and after that, you can then go on with disinfecting the surface.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting isolation spaces: When disinfecting isolation or quarantine spaces, thorough care should be taken. Before starting, ensure that you are fully protected by putting on your personal protective equipment. You should wait for some time after the resident leaves the space before you start disinfecting.

Products Used For Cleaning and Disinfecting

It is important to use active and recommended products during the coronavirus cleanup procedure. Some of which are

  • Using clean water and a good soap for cleaning
  • Using an EPA- registered household disinfectant.
  • Using household bleach which has been diluted. Avoid using expired bleach, as this would not be effective.