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Cosy Conservatory Ideas 

Cosy Conservatory Ideas 

A conservatory is a beautiful room in a house. By day, you get to enjoy the sunlight thanks to the all glass walls and ceiling. By night, you can gaze at the stars and the moon for some surreal quality time with a loved one or even by yourself. Here are a few great ideas to create that cozy conservatory for yourself. Once done with this article, be sure to check out this excellent Ideal Home article on small conservatory ideas as well. 

Plants allow the outside to come indoors

A few potted plants are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. To really maximize this seamless effect of bringing the outdoors inside, choose the same plants that are growing just outside your conservatory. The mirage-like effect will be quite pronounced, especially during the day. This is a particularly good look if you have flowering plants growing outside of your home. 

Invest in a telescope

Bring out the astronomer in yourself by buying a telescope. Finding a planet or star or a constellation are all very rewarding activities and they are just perfect for date nights as well. It’s an easy way to impress your date and also engage in a meaningful activity.

Choose sparse furniture

Don’t clutter your conservatory with bulky sofas or by cluttering them with furniture. A simple coffee table with small profile chairs is usually an excellent idea. If you are by yourself mostly, a swivel chair is a fantastic idea as well. A swivel tub chair is an excellent idea if you are going to have that special someone over. There’s nothing like cozying up with a loved one and having the ability to spin around and take in all the sights from your conservatory. 

Pastel colours are your friend

Light neutral colours are what go best in a conservatory. They complement the sunlight that pours in and allow your conservatory to look spacious and inviting. If you must have colour, add a few accent lines or bursts of tropical colour in a few strategic places. Avoid heavy colours that can otherwise make your conservatory look like a conflicting place.

Blinds not Curtains

Curtains are usually a very bad idea for a conservatory. Even when they are tied up, the folded frills will block valuable sunlight. Blinds make so much more sense as they don’t obstruct the flow of sunlight even a little bit. When it’s too hot, simply roll down the blinds to keep your conservatory nice and cool. 

Vertical storage

Focus on the vertical when it comes to storage. The aim is to leave the centerspace of the conservatory virtually untouched. This means using up wall space. A tall but narrow stance book shelf or wall shelves are all great ideas. Avoid cupboards or bulky side tables and coffee tables as they can break up the flow of a conservatory. 

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