Decking made from plastic has many benefits


Plastic has infiltrated the decking industry over the past several decades. Traditional timber decking is no longer popular because homeowners want a deck that will last for generations. Despite the fact that composite decks include plastic ingredients, 100 percent synthetic decks like provide homeowners with unmatched benefits.

Easy-to-maintain decking

Plastic decking is often preferred over wood because it requires less maintenance. The staining, painting, sealing, and sanding of wood decks is not required with plastic decks. Plastic decks are also stain-resistant and fade-resistant. Decking that is made of plastic boards only needs to be cleaned with soap and water occasionally once it is installed.

Advantages of safety

Safety is a benefit of plastic decking. Wood-grain finishes are often included on splinter-free plastic deck boards to enhance slip resistance. Because plastic is weatherproof and waterproof, it significantly reduces the risk of decks and docks collapsing.

Weatherproof and waterproof decking

Since plastic deck boards do not contain organic materials like wood, they are weatherproof and waterproof. No mold, mildew or water damage can be caused by synthetic decking. Insects cannot nest or eat on plastic decking, thus preventing insect infestation. The plastic deck boards can withstand both rain and snow, as well as blistering heat.

Installation is simple

Homeowners and builders can install synthetic decking just like traditional wood. Use WearDeck plastic decking to achieve your ideal project design by ripping, routing, and edging. Use power tools like the CAMO DRIVE Stand-up Tool to simplify and speed up the construction process.

Applied aesthetics and aesthetics

Today’s plastic deck boards come in wood-grain patterns and a variety of colors. Deep wood tones to modern greys are available. Homeowners are able to create a customized, complementary look for their outdoor spaces with matching synthetic railings, gates, and plastic piling wraps for docks.

Decking made of plastic has value

In addition to adding value to a property, plastic decks and docks help homeowners save money in the long run by avoiding expensive maintenance and replacement costs. A wood composite deck addition can recoup 69.1 percent of the cost, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report. With regard to the superior longevity and durability of synthetic boards, we estimate that a plastic deck addition will earn a higher return.

Introducing WearDeck, the superior plastic deck board

Our heat-reflective decking, WearDeck, consists of HDPE reinforced with fiberglass. WearDeck is the strongest and easiest-to-maintain plastic deck board. It can be installed underwater and can be used on the ground. Are you ready to experience the difference? Get free WearDeck samples by clicking the image below.