Difference between a Forensic Cleaner and a Regular Cleaner

Is this your first time hearing about forensic cleaners? If yes, then you might be wondering what kind of service they offer? Forensic cleaners are specialists who offer a wide range of services including decomposed body cleanup. They are called in for a more serious situation in which biohazard matters or other harmful pathogens are present. They focus on cleaning areas where a violent or traumatic event just occurred. You can entrust decomposed body cleanup to these experts as they have the skills, knowledge, tools, and resources to manage the most extreme cases out there. Regular cleaners, on the other hand, are cleaning specialists as well but are not properly equipped to handle complex cleaning situations that involve absolute sterilization. 

Why Do You Need Forensic Cleaners?

Forensic cleaning was introduced in a bid to help grieving families perform a thorough cleanup of a violent scene. More recently as in the early 80s, grieving families who are faced with a suicide scene have no other choice than to clean up the mess created by the deceased themselves. Whether you are faced with a decomposed body cleanup or suicide cleaning, the cleaning responsibility lies on the families and loved ones. 

With the growing rate of violent crimes in the country, more and more families required assistance with sanitizing their property following the death of a loved one. This led to the creation of forensic cleaners. Thanks to local TV shows and movie scenes, forensic cleaners gained more popularity. Now, families who experience an unfortunate violent scene will consider outsourcing the cleanup to professional forensic cleaners. This is a great way to protect their mental health. 

Other terms used for forensic cleaning include 

  • Trauma cleanup
  • Decomposed body cleanup
  • Suicide cleanup
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Homicide cleanup
  • Unattended death cleaning

So why exactly do you need these experts when dealing with these kinds of scenes? Truth is, crime scenes, for instance, contain biohazardous matters. Blood and bodily fluids are harmful pathogens.  It is expedient that one takes precaution when dealing with such scenes. Expert forensic cleaners will restore the affected property to its natural state, making it easier for people to enter. After cleaning, families can enter the place with a sound state of mind.

Difference between a Forensic Cleaner and a Regular Cleaner

Regular cleaning jobs can be handled by anyone. It doesn’t require any special skill or training to become a professional cleaner. More importantly, you do not need to have a strong stomach to handle this cleaning task. Regular cleaners do not involve themselves in cleaning tasks that will disorientate their emotional and psychological health. So long as you understand the basics of cleaning, regular cleaning is a job that you can handle. However, this cannot be said of a forensic cleaning job. 

Forensic cleaners deal with tasks that require great mental preparedness. Cleaning and scrubbing blood and bodily fluids off surfaces can have psychological effects on the cleaner. Thankfully, these experts are already cut out for this task. Using their skills and training, they restore the area to become completely inhabitable once again.