Difference Between Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets

Whether you buy a flat sheet or a fitted sheet, both have the same purpose, that is to cover your mattress and keep you comfortable while you lie on it. However, when buying your sheet, you must decide what is more important for you, the snug fit of your sheet over the mattress, or ease of folding when not in use. Some prefer the fast fitting of a fitted sheet, while others like to have a flat pile of flat sheets as they sleep. Before you decide between the two, let’s understand the differences between both types of sheets.

Fitting: Fitted sheets are the ones designed to snugly fit over the mattress. They have a stretchy, elastic band on their seams, due to which they do not come off during sleep. The elastic bands hug the mattress corners, so that the sheet does not come off. On the other hand, flat sheets are just laid over the mattress, sometimes tucked underneath it. When you move on the bed during sleep, the sheet detaches itself from the mattress.

Use: Whether you are using queen size fitted sheets or cal king fitted sheets, these are often used to cover the mattress and protect it. You directly lie on top of these sheets, however some people prefer laying a mattress protector beneath them. On the other hand, flat sheets are often placed over the fitted sheet, beneath the blanket and duvet. 

Mattress protection: Since king size fitted sheets snugly fit the mattress and keep it covered from all sides, they protect your mattress from everyday wear and tear in terms of tears, rips, stains, etc. Since mattresses are expensive, you won’t want to replace them every couple of years, and by using a fitted sheet, you can extend their life for as long as 10-12 years. On the contrary, flat sheets keep coming off from the mattress, as a result the mattress keeps getting exposed to stains, rips and tears. Due to this, they need earlier replacement within 4-5 years.

Removal: A fitted sheet snugly fits your mattress, but you just need to pluck one corner to loosen the sheet and remove it. This means that removal process is extremely easy and quick. However, flat sheets are often tucked below the mattress and you have to dislodge it separately from each corner to remove it. It takes a lot of time and effort on your side.

Ease of use: Although a fitted sheet is easier to remove from the mattress, it is difficult to wash, fold, iron and store as compared to a flat sheet. However, it takes more time and effort to make bed with a flat sheet than doing that with a fitted sheet.

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