E-Com Stores with Discreet Packing and Shipping


The ordered materials you receive from an e-store come in polythene cover, corrugated boxes, and carton box packing. In most cases, a customer might not wish to show what you have ordered as a polythene cover packing will be visible to others. It will be embracing if anyone will receive your personal care, adult, and a product you do not wish to disclose. To meet this customer requirement, the packaging for discreet shipping options is available for the customer in many of the reputed online stores. Here, you have to click discrete shipping such that you will receive them in a hidden pack. Here, we have suggested the need for discreet shipping for some products.

Adult Products

The below-mentioned adult products are most ordered online in packaging for discreet shipping.

  • Male Condoms
  • Female Condoms
  • Sex Toys for Women
  • Sex Toys for Men
  • Spray for Men
  • Lube for Women
  • Aphrodisiac Products for Men and Women
  • Sexual Wellness Products for Men and Women
  • Sexual Wellness Medicines
  • Special Sexual Booster Food Items for Men and Women

These products a man or a woman might not be willing to buy in person from a nearby retail store. Hence, if they receive discreet shipping, they are happy to receive them at home as door delivery in discreet packing and shipping.


Not everyone might be willing to show he or she is suffering from chronic diseases. It is because they need long-term medication and treatment. Here, ordering medicines online is the best way to purchase a vast discount and free shipment. Here a packaging with discreet shipping will help those patients to receive medicines in a plain croton box. The most ordered medicines in discreet packing are as follows.

  • Medicines for Sexual Transmitted Diseases
  • Spray for Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Medicines for treating Piles
  • Medicines for treating Fibroids

High-Value Products

Your online order for antiquities, precious metals, and stones are of a high-value consignment. The buyer will seek discreet packing to avoid other’s knowledge of what is in the pack and its value. Here, the shipping agency people can tamper or make them in lost in transit conditions as a remark for stealing such goods. If you have put insurance, you might get the same purchase value as a return. Otherwise, you are at a loss. Discrete shipping is necessary for the below-mentioned items.

  • Vintage Paintings
  • Diamonded studded Rings
  • Gold Jewels
  • Silver Articles
  • Pearl Necklace
  • High-end Smartphone
  • Gold Watches

These items are costly. A customer will wish to receive in discrete packing as home delivery. When these costly goods are hidden in a brown or white color pack, no one will come to know the essential things inside the box.

Packaging for discreet shipping is necessary to all e-stores that have not been implemented so far. Those e-retailers can order sensitive packing materials and accessories online. They are affordable to buy in bulk orders. They do provide free printing on the pack if necessary of your e-store name. The next step you take is to pack and put a barcode for shipment.