As the number of positive and death cases caused by Corona Virus Disease 2019 accelerates, the World Health Organization is spreading cognizance worldwide on how to stop its spreading. 

Along with this, technology companies are enhancing their products to help raise thisawareness to the people. Given that, an infected person has the possibility todiffuse the disease through touching non-living things. Increasing the risk ofthe health of the people around them who are not contaminated by the lethalvirus.

That is why experts are not allowing a plague-ridden person to do a home quarantinetogether with their family – considering that they are still able to diffuse the virus even without human interaction. Through leaving traces of microorganisms to objects they come into contact with – once their loved ones touch it, they will also get infested. 

Researchers found out that it can remain feasible in the air for up to 3 hours, on copper for 4 hours, even on a kitchen cabinet Corona has the power to stay for 24 hours, and on plastic and stainless steel that lasts for 72 hours.

And once someone has come into contact with these, they will instantly get contaminated.

So, to help with halting the diffusion of the Corona Virus Disease 2019, touch-free technologies are created – specifically kitchen appliances. 

Touch-free, also known as hands-free is a form of modern technology that has automated

features to be authorized a device to be used without the help of human hands. Through this, the spread of COVID-19 would be halted. Minimizing the positive and death cases that it is causing.

If you are enticed with this massive progression, Mr. Cabinet Care, the most known company in renovating kitchen cabinet Anaheim has created and designed an infographic regarding on how you will enhance your kitchen lifestyle with touch-free technology.

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