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Essential measures to maintain the HVAC system in good condition

Essential measures to maintain the HVAC system in good condition

The HVAC system keeps the building cool during summers and warm during winters, apart from maintaining the indoor air quality within safe limits. Since the HVAC system continues to work throughout the year, it undergoes a lot of strain, which increases the chances of breakdowns. There are several reasons which illustrate the importance of maintaining HVAC system. A well-maintained HVAC system prevents costly repairs and also reduces energy bills due to high efficiency. A poorly maintained HVAC system becomes a hub of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens, which spoil the indoor air quality so much that the inhabitants are at risk of developing respiratory problems. Maintenance is also essential to enhance the life cycle of the HVAC system. Sudden breakdowns can also be prevented by regular maintenance.

Some of the essential measures which should be implemented to maintain your HVAC system in top condition have been mentioned here.

Air filters cleaning/replacement

Air filters of an HVAC system prevent dust, dirt, and pathogens from entering the house. Dirty and clogged air filters decrease the efficiency of the HVAC system and increase the energy costs. Thus, it is necessary to clean the air filters once a month. Washing followed by airing is sufficient. Since HVAC systems usually have disposable air filters, they should be replaced after every three months. However, if the filter is filthy, it must be replaced immediately. Filters rated MERV 7-experts recommend 11. It is better to call a technician to carry out the replacement.

Drain pipe cleaning

The drain pipe of the evaporator coil is susceptible to algae and mold growth. This results in clogging. The first you come to know about it is when water starts leaking from the ceiling. This water is the moisture collected from the HVAC system’s air, which fails to escape outside due to blockage. To avoid this, you can use a wet or dry vacuum to clean the drain pipe. A mixture of water and vinegar can also be used to remove algae and mold.

Clean the condensing unit

The HVAC system’s outdoor condensing unit has a fan unit that disperses heat in the summer months. The fan’s metal blades tend to get clogged with dust, dirt, pollen, and other impurities, which puts a lot of strain on the condensing unit. Thus, it is essential to keep the fan blades spick and span. To this end, clean the condensing unit using a water hose once a week. However, a pressure washer must not be used since it can damage the unit.

Inspection of the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit’s working is compromised by the presence of trees, shrubs, and bushes growing very close to it. Thus, you need to regularly inspect the outdoor unit and trim bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation growing in the outdoor unit’s vicinity. There should be a clearance of at least 2 feet around the outdoor unit.

Professional preventive maintenance

Professional help is significant for maintaining HVAC system because amateurs cannot perform many tasks. Schedule preventive maintenance two times a year. The licensed technician will check the refrigerant level, inspect the fan and furnace unit and make a complete evaluation of the condenser, coils, filters, motor, wires, and other components.

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