Everything You Need To Know About DeLonghi Dehumidifiers


DeLonghi is an Italian Company that manufactures small appliances. It is based in Treviso, Italy. It is a 118 years old company that manufactures home appliances. 

They provide products like Espresso machines, portable air conditioner, gelato maker, and dehumidifiers. In this article, we will talk about delonghi dehumidifiers.

What are Dehumidifiers?

These are appliances that collect water from the air to make it dry. These devices are used in humid regions where the humidity level in the air is more than normal. Because of humidity, you can face several problems like wet patches on the wall, moisture in clothes and furniture, bad odor, dust, mites, allergens, molds, etc.

It collects excess water from the air. This water is collected in a tank. By using this device, you can breathe cool and clean air. You can avoid bad odor and molds. It can also be used for drying clothes.

Tasciugo AriaDry Compact DDS 20: 

It is a type of dehumidifier manufactured by DeLonghi. It is a domestic product which you can use in your home to keep the moisture away. It is available with a laundry option, which helps in drying the clothes. Along with that, it also has a filtration system to filter toxins from the air. 


Here is a list of all the features of this product.

  • Drying Convenience: Now, you can use the drying function at your own convenience. You can use the laundry option to dry the clothes easily. You can go to the settings and change it to laundry to make the clothes dry.
  • Air Filtration: It also comes with an air filtration system. You can filter the air to remove molds and bacteria from the house. The anti-bacteria filter will clean the air and make it healthy.
  • Multi-Speed Fan: It has a three-speed fan. You can adjust the fan speed as per the environment. There is an auto-fan function as well. There is a continuous draining system that drains the water automatically from time to time.
  • Convenient Design: The design is very convenient. The controls are given on the top. You can view the controls through an LED display. The water tank viewing window helps you to check the water level.
  • Electronic Timer: It comes with a 24 hours electronic timer, which can be used for setting on and off timings. 
  • Tank Control System: There is a tank control system in this device that stops it when the tank is full. You can also go with a continuous draining system.
  • Electronic Anti-Freeze Device: It makes the device work even at low temperatures. It can work in a low temperature up to 2 degrees Celsius.
  • Filter: The filter can be easily removed and washed.
  • Capacity: It can remove up to 20 liters of water each day from your house.
  • Water Level Indicator: There is a water level indicator that helps you to check the water levels in the tank.
  • Tank Capacity: The capacity of the water tank is 4.5 liters.