Exploring the Benefits of Having an In-Home Elevator


Mobility issues are increasing with each passing year. In fact, at least 15 percent of the world’s population currently lives with some type of mobility issue. For some, this is a significant problem that creates serious limitations. Fortunately, having a home elevator installed can help solve many of those issues and bring about a less-restricted lifestyle for those who suffer from limited mobility. Of course, there’s also the element of convenience to consider. An in-home elevator can provide numerous benefits not only for people who live with mobility issues but virtually anyone.

Being Able to Stay at Home Longer

People are now living longer than ever before. At the same time, many elderly people are choosing to stay in their homes rather than transitioning to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Still, for those who have balance issues, trouble navigating stairs, and other struggles, this can be a bit difficult. A home elevator can allow members of the aging population to stay in their homes and enjoy their freedom for years to come.

Improving Safety

No matter the reason you’re considering having an elevator installed in your home or that of a loved one, doing so can make life much safer. Each year, millions of people are injured due to falls, and stairs are prime culprits in these injuries. An elevator helps prevent falls as well as many other hazards for people who have trouble getting around. Additionally, you can have battery backups installed in those elevators so they’ll work even if the power goes out. Some feature emergency call buttons as well. If someone gets dizzy or experiences other medical issues while riding in the elevator, they can easily call out for help.

Low Maintenance Requirements

In-home elevators are built to last for years, and they require few repairs along the way. Though you’ll need to get lift maintenance services from Hin Chong on a regular basis to keep your elevator operating properly and safely, the long-term cost of repairs and upkeep is relatively low. At the same time, routine maintenance can help further reduce the need for repairs and ensure your elevator lasts as long as possible.

Greater Convenience

Having an in-home elevator can certainly make life more convenient for people who suffer from mobility issues. They’re not the only ones who can benefit from this type of installation, though. Virtually everyone can take advantage of all the benefits an elevator provides. From transporting groceries to an upstairs apartment or mother-in-law suite to moving heavy items from a basement workshop to the main portion of the house, home lifts are appropriate for a wide range of situations.

Making the Most of the Investment

Those are a few of the main benefits of having an elevator installed in a home. It can allow people to stay at home for longer and make life simpler for anyone. It can also greatly increase your property value if you ever decide to sell. Though home lifts require routine maintenance, they can easily pay for themselves over time and even generate a significant return on your investment.