Factors to Consider When Choosing Bar Stools for Your Restaurant


    When you’re opening or revamping a restaurant, several considerations factor into the equation. Obviously, the types of foods and beverages to serve patrons are among the first thoughts on your mind. Finding a suitable location is also essential. After all, location is everything for a business in any market niche. Interior decor is crucial as well. When customers visit a restaurant, they’re not only looking for food; they’re seeking the entire experience.

    Tables, chairs, flooring, wall art, and other aspects of the decor are part of the overall experience and help shape patrons’ moods as well as their views of the establishment. Among the important interior elements with functional as well as aesthetic value are bar stools. Finding the right ones to suit the restaurant’s other qualities is vital. Certain points should be kept in mind when choosing your bar stools from Richardson Furniture.


    Height is one of the most important factors to think about when looking for the perfect bar stools. Generally speaking, they should allow at about nine to 13 inches between the seat of the stool and the countertop. For example, if your bar or counter is 40 inches high, look for stools that are 27 to 31 inches tall. This amount of space between the seat and the counter gives people plenty of wiggle room, so they’re not as likely to bump their knees on the counter every time they move. They also won’t have to stoop or stretch too much to reach their food.


    Design is essential as well. Several types of bar stools are on the market. Some feature a simple design whereas others are more elaborate. Those in the latter category may have backs, so people can sit back and relax in them. Certain models resemble traditional chairs more so than standard bar stools. The design of your bar stools will influence customers’ comfort levels. In turn, they’ll have an impact on their satisfaction. Still, they should dovetail with the ambiance you want to create.


    Finding the most suitable material for your bar stools is equally crucial. You might choose standard wooden stools or metal ones. Both can meld well with a range of decorating themes from modern to rustic. You could also select upholstered models. They’re certainly more comfortable for customers. That said, they also succumb to damage much more easily. Many customers just don’t think about how much damage their keys, wallet chains, purses, and other belonging can do to upholstered booths and bar stools.

    Color Scheme

    Color scheme is an important aspect of your bar stools, but perhaps not as much so as the previous points. You may be able to fall back on standard, neutral colors, like black or gray. If you want to step things up a bit, you could choose colors that blend in with the color scheme of the restaurant. You might also have your establishment’s logo painted, printed, or embroidered on the stools. Don’t overlook the potential for stains when it comes to bar stools upholstered with cloth.


    These are the primary considerations to keep in mind when choosing bar stools for your restaurant. Bar stools can enhance your interior decor, influence the customer experience, and even reinforce your brand if chosen well. At the same time, cost is most likely a main factor in the decision-making process. Because of that, it’s also important to find bar stools that meet all your other criteria without going over budget.